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Mitsubishi Motors is partnering with Bullfrog Power for renewable energy

Mitsubishi Canada, inc. (MMSC) today announced its new partnership with Bullfrog Power, the only green electricity provider in Canada. This alliance would make Mitsubishi the first automobile company in Canada to convert its registered office in the green renewable electricity 100 percent.

Of April 1, Mitsubishi transform approximately 175 MWh of electricity consumed annually in green electricity, thereby reducing its carbon footprint significantly.

Mitsubishi is also the first new client to join the challenge of green electricity "Partners in Project Green" (ecological project partners). This initiative, led by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and Toronto and Region Conservation, includes a growing community of businesses that cooperate to assume greater environmental responsibility by creating a zone of ecological work internationally recognized around the Toronto Pearson airport. In partnership with Bullfrog Power, Partners in Project Green has recently launched the Green Power Challenge (challenge green electricity), which encourages companies in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčecological work Pearson achieve a collective goal to transform 58,000 MWh of electricity in electricity green.

"This association is quite natural for Mitsubishi", has said Koji Soga, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada. "We are working with governments and other organizations to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions through our electric vehicle i-MiEV. We are now looking at reducing our carbon footprint reliee the electrical energy produced by our head office in Mississauga. "

"We are very pleased that Mitsubishi has joined the Green Power Challenge challenge and we welcome the growing business bullfrogpowered community in Canada," stated Mr. Tom Heintzman, President of Bullfrog Power. "By choosing clean electricity without emissions Bullfrog Power for its head office, Mitsubishi reduces its impact on the environment, encourage the development of a new generation of renewable energy in Canada and educates the public about the choice of clean energy available to homes and businesses across Canada. All these options can help Canadians take measures that will help to slow climate change and reduce air pollution. "Bullfrog Power offers residences and businesses a clean, renewable alternative to electricity. Showing that its customers require such an alternative, the organization is also pressure to influence the construction of new plants producing renewable energy. Several new wind turbines have been ordered through the grace to support households and businesses whose country is electricity with Bullfrog Power.

In earlier this year, Mitsubishi has signed a memorandum of understanding with Transport Canada to test its fleet of vehicles already fully BC Hydro, the City of Vancouver and Hydro Quebec.

These tests with Canadian partners help to put the i-MiEV in circulation faster in Canada. Indeed, Mitsubishi plans to launch electric vehicles in North America in 2011.

Thanks to these initiatives, Mitsubishi strives to reduce its environmental impact and thus contributes support new renewable energy in Canada. In doing so, she joined the thousands of individuals and organizations across the country that seek a future where clean, renewable energy would be commonplace.

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