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BMW has already addressing a small Audi A1

In Geneva, the manufacturer Audi has presented its large subcompact world premiere luxury A1, in its declination cut. The next year the latter will be offered a five-door hatchback version.

Recall that the p'tite Audi A1 has been conceived precisely to counterbalance the popular Mini Cooper.

Mercedes-Benz has also do the same, putting more emphasis has its Class A model, very popular in European soil.

The avenue advocated by BMW

As owner of the franchise Mini, the Bavarian company will very simply use the platform of the latter to develop its small subcompact luxury car. So we should expect a FWD car.

In all probability, the tiny BM would be commercialized first in Europe starting in 2013 and that its start in America remains to be confirmed. A hybrid or electric of the latter could be offered in 2015.

BMW has already addressing a small Audi A1 picture #1

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