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Lotus Evora: Edition 'Naomi for Haiti

Lotus Evora: Edition 'Naomi for Haiti picture #1

Lotus and Naomi Campbell harvest 1.4 million for Haiti '

Since the earthquake that occurred in Haiti, many organizations and governments trying somehow has help the Haitian people still struggling to understand what is happening in their country ravaged by such an earthquake.

Many are the companies around the world who ORGANISED collections of all kinds to help them. The automotive world there is obviously not escape and voila the small British manufacturer Lotus, has teamed up with supermodel Naomi Campbell to raise funds.

Naomi and fashion shows

Since the disaster, Naomi Campbell returned to his first love by participating in fashion shows, to raise big bucks for Haitians.

No, the top model is not Haitian, but rather a British citizen of Jamaican and Chinese origin.

Today she joins Lotus has to put his signature in a very limited series of models Evora, which will be put to auction.

Lotus Evora Naomi for Haiti '

The eight models Evora who bear claw Naomi distinguished by a body clothed all in white and emblazoned with the logos' Naomi for Haiti.

It is the same with the inner presentation, decorated by the head designer at Lotus, Donato Coco, while respectfully following the recommendations of Campbell.

Auction has dual components

The auction to acquire one of the eight Lotus shall begin on February 18, is in the 'Fashion Week' in London.

Thereafter, they will take place through the website 'Naomi for Haiti' 19 to 28th February.

Total accumulated gains from the sale of these eight special well cars will be announced when holding the Motor Show in Geneva.

Lotus Evora: Edition 'Naomi for Haiti picture #2

Lotus Evora: Edition 'Naomi for Haiti picture #3

Lotus Evora: Edition 'Naomi for Haiti picture #4

Lotus Evora: Edition 'Naomi for Haiti picture #5

Lotus Evora: Edition 'Naomi for Haiti picture #6

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