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Toyota and undertaking as reminders, will be thoroughly ...

Toyota and undertaking as reminders, will be thoroughly ... picture #1

Chagrin Toyota dealt a blow to its reputation of reliability

Toyota and undertaking as reminders, will be thoroughly ... picture #2

Toyota Prius and Lexus HS 250h has submitted a voluntary recall

Toyota announces voluntary recall on 1500 Tacoma 4WD trucks in 2010 to inspect the tree before transmission;

Some vehicles Venza, Corolla, Matrix and Highlander also included in the recall campaign on mats all seasons

Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) today announced an amendment to its campaign of voluntary safety improvement started last year on some key models to eliminate the potential risk of jamming the pedal Accelerator consecutively a carpet protective conductor score poorly fixed or incompatible. The improvement of the safety campaign henceforth extends to certain vehicles Corolla, Matrix and Highlander. Toyota also announced a voluntary recall on certain vehicles Tacoma four-wheel drive 2010.

The voluntary recall campaign was launched to inspect the front drive shaft on a small production of some trucks Tacoma 4WD model year 2010. It is possible that a component of the front shaft on these vehicles present the cracks appeared during the manufacturing process. Over the use of the vehicle, these cracks can eventually cause the separation of the shaft at the connection point. This problem concerns only two numbers batch production tree installed transmission on some vehicles Tacoma 4WD 2010. Toyota will notify owners by first class mail beginning in mid-March 2010.

Dealers will be instructed to perform an inspection to identify the specific lot numbers on the front drive shaft. In very limited cases, the inspection may lead to the replacement of the front transmission shaft. The inspection should take about ten minutes. The inspection and / or replacement will be effected without charge to the owner of the vehicle.

Last year, following a conducted on the potential risk of jamming the pedal Accelerator has a protective investigation consecutively all evil fixed or inconsistent seasons mats, Toyota Canada announced a voluntary safety improvement campaign to improve the models keys. A recall on the same models was launched simultaneously in the United States.

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) Inc., USA recently announced a change in its recall campaign to include certain vehicles Highlander, Corolla, Venza and Matrix as well as its intention to modify or replace the accelerator pedal of the vehicle keys eliminate the potential risk of jamming the accelerator. TMS also precise that it was considering changes to the floor area and that they would be part of any corrective action on models for which this intervention was deemed appropriate.

Although no defect has been found in Canada on models newly referred by the current campaign, because the safety of our customers and the trust they testify to the quality of Toyota vehicles are of paramount importance to Toyota Canada Toyota Canada has decided to offer the same improvements for Canadian Toyota vehicle owners to eliminate the potential risk of entrapment of the pedal Accelerator consecutively a floor mat all evil fixed or inconsistent seasons.

In addition, Toyota Canada has also decided to carry out some improvements on key vehicles - although they are not provided for in the campaign improvement of security - including changing the accelerator pedal for the Venza vehicle owners affected by an improvement in the safety campaign separee providing for replacement mats all seasons Genuine Toyota purchased as an option for the model is.

Customers should always ensure that the floor mat is exactly a model of their vehicle, it matches the dimensions of the space provided for this purpose, it is properly installed and fixed, it is not put upside down and it is not covered by another floor mat. For more details about floor mats, customers can visit their Toyota dealership,, or visit Transport Canada

Toyota and undertaking as reminders, will be thoroughly ... picture #3

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