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Supercharged Camaro SLP: available soon

SLP announces the availability of its Supercharged Camaros series ZL ® 550 hp and 575 hp in limited edition Chevrolet dealers across Canada.

Produced by SLP Performance Parts, Inc. and available only at Chevrolet dealers across the United States and Canada, the Supercharged Camaro SLP offers performance, handling and braking super-car with attractive appearance the passionate long awaited.

For SLP, Supercharged Camaro start following a production of more than 40,000 specialty vehicles Camaro SS built for GM and its dealers from 1996 to 2002, is a daunting challenge. For $ 22,995 USD (plus the base price of the Camaro SS); a test drive will convince skeptics that Supercharged Camaro SLP offers the best value versus performance of all production cars has high performance limited edition, available now.

Only 250 cars ZL550 ZL575 automatic and manual 250 cars based on 2010 Camaro SS will be built and numbered sequentially - all available in the original colors. Performance and attractiveness Supercharged Camaro are highlighted by a "supercharger" (similar to the one included in the new GM Corvette ZR-1) and accented by the factory hood compounds aggressive style with materials taken from functional air SLP (patent pending).

Separate amendments made at the rear spoiler keep the aggressive appearance of the Camaro Supercharged: Pirelli P Zero P240/40ZR20 20-inch original tires with light alloy wheels Red Line SLP 20 x 9 in the rear and Pirelli P Zero P245/45ZR20 tires with light alloy wheels Red Line SLP 20 x 8 inches at the front help to transferring the power of the Supercharged Camaro has the floor.

During the development of the Supercharged Camaro SLP, our goal was to design improvements of performance, handling and braking of very high quality which would give a passionate performance well balanced group.

Not only will our Supercharged Camaros win the competition, but they were built to ensure long-term satisfaction and are covered by warranty 3 year/60 000 km SLP.

Considering the significant increase in power, we offer two upgrades Brembo brakes:

• The first is the Brembo brakes Group sports disc that includes four new perforated discs at the front and the back. They provide improves tightness and more efficient degassing of the brake pads, resulting in a more efficient braking and reduction of overheating.

• The second is the GT Brembo brakes front group that includes a monobloc brake calipers with 6-piston front discs and 15-inch has two parts that provide increased thermal capacity, an increase in the platelet surface and a reduction in operating temperatures. With the addition of this option, SLP increases the maximum speed limit of PCM 250 km / h 305 km / h.

Based on test drive our ZL575 by Motor Week (visit our Web Site which was recently broadcast on Speed ​​Channel in the United States and Canada, our car registered? Mile in 3.8 seconds 0-60 miles / h and 11.8 seconds @ 121 Miles / h.

Each Camaro ZL Supercharged is born of a 2010 Camaro SS. Since the opening of bank orders in mid-October, nearly 200 orders have been placed in the United States and more than 40 cars were delivered and others take the road each week. Following an order placed with a Chevrolet dealer and a car is available, it is sent to production facilities SLP Toms River, New Jersey. The vehicles are then carefully assembled, tested and dynamometer to go back to the Chevrolet dealership.

The equipment series Supercharged Camaro includes:

• Supercharger High Yield SLP TVS 2300 • Exhaust system of the axle to the rear SLP PowerFlo ® with dual 4 inch tips

• System of Blackwing ® SLP cold air entry

• Engine covers changes SLP 550HP emblem with 575hp • Group or spring sport suspension (lowers the vehicle 1 inch in the front and at the rear)

• SLP RTM hood with air intake functional heat extraction * and finish fascia panel (* Patent pending design)

• Rear Spoiler SLP * (* Patent pending design) painted in the body color

• 20-inch wheels Red Line SLP 5-spoke with machined face and hub caps ZL ®

• Graphics panel for rear lights black chandelier

• Graphics insertion side panel of the wing back in black gloss

• Three ZL550 or ZL575 emblems for the trunk and spoiler quality OEM

• High quality mats with ZL550 or ZL575 Supercharged emblem brodee

• Supports headers before ZL550 or ZL575 with emblem brodee

• plate panel (1) and keychains (2) sequentially numbered (1-250) with ZL550 or ZL575 emblem

• leather wallet (synthetic), the owner Guide, birth certificate and label glass

Optional equipment Supercharged Camaro:

• Heritage ® SS Emblem for the grille and rear panel (Product authorize official GM)

• Dual Band style rally painted in black, white or silver Hugger Orange (gloss finish)

• Graphics lateral bands Heritage in black, white, silver or orange Hugger (gloss finish)

• adjustable stabilizer bars front and rear SLP

• Brake disc sports Brembo Group includes new perforated discs at the front and at the back

• Group includes Brembo front brakes GT brakes with 6-piston calipers and 15-inch front disc has two parts (includes speed limiter increased to 305 km / h)

For information on all groups performance and appearance 2010 Camaro SLP, please contact: Center Customer Care and dealers (514) 260-1457 Canada / (810) 724-8703 U.S. / zlsales @ ZL, PowerFlo

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