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2010 Subaru Legacy: 5 star safety

We knew that Subaru vehicles were very safe products on the road, including the use of their system of asymmetric integral traction took constant, which makes reference in the industry. But today we learn that the Legacy sedan recue note of Excellence, 5 stars, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in five distinct categories.

Moreover here is the press release issued by Subaru this topic:


2010 Subaru Legacy: 5 stars from NHTSA in all categories

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Dec. 9 / CNW / - The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has given a brand new 2010 Subaru Legacy a perfect score - five stars - in each category occupant protection: driver and front passenger during testing of frontal impacts, front and rear occupants in side impact tests and rollover protection in the category of vehicle has four-wheel drive.

The evaluation of new vehicles NHTSA (NCAP) program evaluated the vehicles of all makes and models to assess their level of safety in the event of impact and rollover. The ratings are calculated from data collected in controlled trials impact and rollover. Only the best evaluated vehicles get five star rating.

"That is great news for Subaru and its clientele, especially insofar as these results corroborate the excellent ratings granted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety," said Katsuhiro Yokoyama, president and general manager of SCI. "Subaru is recognized for his outstanding level of active safety - our system of symmetrical AWD took constant gives drivers the mastery necessary to avoid the dangers - but it is always reassuring to know that motorists and their families are well protected when 'inevitable happens. "

Legacy has like all Subaru models, gets year after year excellent crash test results realized by the government and the insurance industry. The 2010 Legacy is designed to elevate the factor of safety. The frame structure enhances ring-shaped Subaru proven for over a decade in all Subaru models, forms the base of the cell protection against impacts and the safety of occupants in this new generation Legacy 2010.

The design of the structure frame reinforces arch-shaped integrated progressive deformation zones front and rear to absorb impact energy and protect the passenger compartment. This structure enhances chassis is formed of a series of arches around the passenger compartment and provides excellent protection when different types of collision. The cabin therefore enjoys greater rigidity and can better absorb the energy of impact, or whether it comes.

The Subaru Boxer engine helps enhance safety, because of its mounting position angle. Thus, the train propellant full slips under the cockpit along the floor tunnel in a frontal collision, to prevent intrusion into the passenger compartment and allow the frame to absorb more impact energy front.

All new Subaru models are equipped with front seat belts three anchors with pretensioners and force limiters. The belt pretensioners act simultaneous with front air bags and cinch the front seatbelts to keep them in their seat the driver and front passenger. Then, force limiters has a mechanical torsion bar offload Action belts to reduce the risk of injury by belt.

All Legacy of the cuvee 2010 are also provided with the system evolved frontal airbags Subaru. This intelligent system uses has a variable volume airbags for driver and front passenger. The lateral airbags montes has the same seats provide chest protection, while side curtain airbags (lateral full coverage) protect the head. Concealed in the upper portion of the backrest of the seats forward, lateral airbags provide protection without regard to the position of the seat. The curtain airbags deploy from them as a flag.

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