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Hyundai says 'sayonara' to walk Japanese

Despite the success recorded everywhere across the planet, including levels of sales and production of vehicles, Hyundai has never really managed to gain a foothold in the Japanese automobile chessboard. And that's saying something ...

Thus, since his arrival in the country of the rising sun has just over 15,000 vehicles Hyundai claws have find takers. With this really precipitate departure, it is almost 50 brand dealers who will spend a something else.

In addition, it is worth remembering that this market is for many moons, rather reserve to local products, thereby limiting the entry of foreign products and in almost all spheres of the economy.

For consolation, the South Korean giant has again to make large investments in China, which should allow it to increase its local production and therefore see its sales augmentees. Currently, Hyundai / Kia group is the 5th largest automobile producer in China, barely behind Honda and GM that would normally be easily packed by the South Coreen. Toyota will take a bit more time to be exceeded, but if the trend continues there, this could get reality within two years. But to dislodge a Volkswagen, no.1, do not even think about it! ...

The Japanese have always regarded products and manufactures vehicles in South Korea, as objects of very poor quality. To this is added a competition across the planet which is very poorly to local builders for several of them have seen their sales suffer significant declines headed for manufacturers Hyundai and Kia

Hyundai says 'sayonara' to walk Japanese picture #1

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