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Lexus GX470 GX460 becomes 2010

Although large SUV still do not have the shelf for some time. Manufacturers do nevertheless continue their development and the Lexus division of Toyota not wanting to be outdone, we present its massive GX, whose name goes to a GX470 GX460 for model year 2010. At first glance , one has the impression that this newcomer displays a simple cosmetic retouching, while in reality it has granted him many improvements, many of which have the function of improving both its performance and fuel economy.

The Lexus GX460 is a very vehicle taken by our southern neighbors, especially those in search of a sufficiently strong and powerful vehicle, in addition to a fairly high towing capacity.

Although this new full-size SUV sees its cylinder V8 engine from 4.7 to 4.6 liters, the power of it passes 263 has 301 horsepower, 38 more. Even enhances the couple was to reach 329 lb-ft is 3500 rev / min. A six-speed automatic transmission with sequential lever completes the whole. Its towing capacity is 2,948 kg (6,500 lbs), is equivalent to that granted by his predecessor.

Here is the press release issued by Toyota Canada on this subject:


The new luxury SUV Lexus GX 460 2010 offers power and luxury evolues, as well as the most energy efficient in its class

- The new luxury SUV Lexus GX 460 2010 offers power and luxury evolues, as well as the most energy efficient in its class

- New 301 horsepower V8 engine mated to a 6-speed transmission

- The best fuel efficiency in its class

- Ten airbags series - what is the best in the category - pre-collision system and optional

- A more versatile interior with third row seats fold flat has assisted a control series

With the GX 460 2010 from the second generation, Lexus offers new luxury utility vehicle more evolved, more powerful, quieter and more luxurious than the GX 470 model it replaces. In addition to all these important improvements, the GX 460 2010 is endowed with ten airbags series and pre-collision system as an option for increased security.

The GX 460 2010 is an intermediate vehicle of "ideal size" providing a friendly comfort and exceptional finish quality. With its seven-seat configuration of series and body mounted on a sturdy frame, the GX 460 is distinguished by its originality; it is also equipped as standard with a system has four-wheel drive and kinetic dynamic suspension system (KDSS) to provide a quality ride and handling exceptional and authentic off-road capabilities.

Lexus GX 460 2010 is powered by a new 4.6-liter V8 engine that is both 14% stronger and 11% more efficient than the 4.7-liter V8 it replaces. The new engine develops 301 horsepower and a maximum torque of 329 lb-ft, an increase of 38 horsepower over the previous generation of the model. It is paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission with sequential lever. With 12.1 L/100 km, combined city / highway is improved by 11% (against 13.6 for the GX 470 L 2009) - which is superior to other commercial vehicles luxury dotes V8 petrol and comparable to some 6 cylinder models. The GX 460 shows estimated consumption of 14.1 L/100 km city and 9.8 L/100 km on the highway.

The GX 460 2010 provides a more versatile interior. The second row slides 104.1 mm (4.1 inches) forward or backward to optimize cargo space and the ability to transport passengers. The seats of the second row reclining and folding are divided 60/40 to allow access directly to the third row seats to fold flat has assisted a control series; a first for Lexus. For convenience, the rear window tailgate has a glass panel lift.

The GX 460 2010 has a richer and felt interior, and new options and features of series. It also benefited from heated seats and ventilated front serial. Among the new luxury options, the seats in semi-aniline leather is found, a heated steering wheel and heated second-row seats with lateral positions. New multimedia features - both standard and optional - increase the choice of family entertainment on board.

Lexus GX 460 2010 will be on sale at Lexus dealers in Canada at the beginning of the year 2010.

Engine / Transmission / Powertrain / performance

The model designation of the GX 460 2010 from the brand new V8 4.6 liter engine. The new engine DOHC 32-valve aluminum with variable valve timing with intelligence (VVT-i) which controls the timing independently and overlapping shafts is provided with a block and alloy cylinder heads with dual cam system of distribution of intake and exhaust camshafts to optimize for power, fuel efficiency and emission (on the previous 4.7L engine, the VVT ​​was only on the intake camshaft). Peak torque is also greater, or 329 lb-ft to 3500 rev / min against 323 lb-ft is 3400 rev / min for the previous 4.7-liter engine.

The new 4.6-liter V8 is mated to a new six-speed automatic transmission has electronic control (ECT), providing increased performance and better fuel efficiency compared to the previous model team an automatic 5-speed. The new transmission is accommodated in the same space as the previous 5-speed transmission and includes a more pupil ratio gears. Thanks to its new powertrain, the GX 460 2010 is characterized by a more spirited everyday driving, but also quieter than the previous model. The GX 460 2010 retains the same towing capacity 2948 kg (6500 lb) the GX 470.

The GX 460 is equipped with a serial system has permanent four wheel drive using a transfer case has a central electronic control and a differential detection torque TORSENMD. It also offers a low range for off-road driving. In most driving conditions, the differential Torsen power has returned due to 40% front and 60% at the back and modify the report as needed based on the actions of the driver steering input and wheel slip .

The possibility of changing the distribution of power has a 30-70 ratio during maneuvers management helps to improve vehicle control during cornering. If the rear wheels spin, the center differential alters the distribution of power in 50/50 to mitigate skating. The Torsen differential also helps to reduce the risk of slippage due to any sudden change in road conditions as a puddle or a patch of ice. The rear differential has also been strengthened for 2010.

Chassis / Body / Suspension / Tires / Brakes

Among the premium brands, Lexus GX 460 2010 is one of the few commercial vehicles capable of a truly luxurious ride on all types of tracks. It is this ability, with the luxury and on-road performance Lexus makes the GX 460 2010 a truly exceptional vehicle. After studying the type of use of the vehicle by the current owners, Lexus has found that the majority of them use their GX for displacements of the family during the week and to go on vacation or camping weekend. Whether to tow a boat or ride on rough trails and unpaved, the GX 460 has revealed both agile and refined.

The body of the GX 460 2010 is assembled on a robust framework for performance on and off road without compromise, facilitated by the high strength frame and suspension system dynamics.

Thanks to the wiring harness to 7-pin trailer series, the vehicle used for commuting between home and work week becomes a fighter for the wonders of nature on the weekends.

Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) option includes three modes: Normal, Sport and Comfort, and independent front suspension provides a smooth ride on the road without compromising off-road capabilities. The GX 460 2010 is equipped with alloy wheels 18 inch pavement series tires 265/60 R18, while the GX 470 was endowed in 2009 by 17-inch wheels.

The system rack and pinion steering facilitates maneuvering in spaces reduced. The rear adjustable height control (AHC) option improves the flexibility of the vehicle in the most diverse situations.

Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) standard on the GX 460, the kinetic dynamic suspension system (KDSS) is improves for 2010 with sensors and yaw angle direction. By adjusting the rolling resistance ensured by the front and rear stabilizer bars, KDSS can reduce the system the maximum angle of roll as 50%, thereby improving the workability road and off-road capabilities.

Using hydraulic cylinders acting on each stabilizer bar and are connected by a pressure valve, KDSS reduces the system the degree of stiffness ensures by stabilizer bars in response to changing road conditions and driver actions. The KDSS system allowing disengagement stabilizer bars in certain situations, such as off-road driving, the nominal stiffness of the bars can be increased significantly in order to help reduce the inclination of the body and improve the workability road .

Cornering on the road, when the front and rear cylinders are compressed, hydraulic fluids do not flow in the system and the stabilizer bars to play their normal role to help reduce the inclination of the body. In off-road driving situations, KDSS system gives the wheels of each axle for greater autonomy of lateral movement to minimize any tendency for wheel lift. When the GX 460 rides on an uneven surface, one compressed verin triggers the flow of hydraulic fluid between the front and rear cylinders, allowing the stabilizer bars to move freely. This action increases the travel and articulation and helps fair distribution of the load on the wheels.

Crawl Control and Downhill Assist Control In addition to KDSS system, the Lexus GX 460 2010 device is equipped with an optional Crawl Control a new technology designed to facilitate off-road driving. The Crawl Control Module automatically acceleration and braking, allowing the driver to concentrate on steering. In addition, the Crawl Control proves useful to dig the vehicle when stuck in sand, mud or snow.

When the transmission is a low diet, the run command control slow speed and engine power and the braking force to propel the vehicle forward or in reverse at one of five low-speed settings. The driver can concentrate on maneuvers when driving obstacle or uttered slopes without having to play with the accelerator pedal or brake. The Crawl Control also actuates the locking differential "virtual" front and rear to help reduce tire slippage and optimize chassis behavior.

Without disable the Crawl Control, the driver can reduce vehicle speed by braking or by regulating the slow speed with a selector position. The assistive device at boot (HAC) provides additional serial mastery for off-road driving by helping to stop the vehicle at boot on a steep incline or slippery surface.

The assistive device at boot (HAC) of series is designed to increase the capacity of descent diet low in the vehicle now has a determined speed without driver intervention. Also in series, the Active Traction Control (A-TRAC) provides the benefits of front and rear locking differentials, but with lower weight. This system can apply the brakes to a slipping wheel, while transferring torque to the wheels that have better adherence.

A steering angle indicator in the instrument cluster allows the driver to see a shot of it in which direction the front wheels are turned - which may be useful in certain situations, such as driving off-road or the maneuvers parking.

Safety features

Like all Lexus models, the GX 460 is equipped with a vast array of dynamic safety systems of series. The control device of the vehicle stability (VSC) helps maintain the GX 460 by detecting the desired tendency to skid the front or rear wheels during cornering and attempting to fix this problem by acting on the throttle and trajectory brakes individual wheels. The electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) utilizes the anti-lock brake system (ABS) to properly start the braking force between front and rear wheels according to driving conditions and the distribution of the load on the wheels.

Brake Assist (BA) is a system designed to determine if the driver attempts to activate the emergency brake and increase the braking force applied if the driver has not seconded strong enough on the pedal to activate the anti-lock brake system.

The Supplemental restraint system (SRS) includes ten airbags series, which classifies the vehicle in mind the V8 category: dual front airbags and front seat-mounted side air bags driver's knee and front passenger ratings ; mounted side airbags in the seats of the second row airbags and side curtain detectors roll three rows of seats. The front airbags are designed to deploy according to impact severity. The lateral curtain airbags and roll-sensing are designed to deploy in a severe tilt, lateral g-force HIGH or overturning of the vehicle.

The pre-collision system (PCS) option can help reduce damage to a collision. This system includes a dynamic cruise control radar, which uses a radar MILLIMETER WAVE to measure and help maintain a preset distance to the vehicle in front. The multifunction screen in the instrument cluster display a car icon with the selected distance. If, based on various data, the pre-collision system determines that a collision is inevitable, then it preemptively retracts the front seat belts and pre-initialized Brake Assist to apply increased braking the moment or the driver depresses the pedal.

In addition, a pre-collision system with optional monitor driver monitoring and warning system output channel (LDA) is now optional for the 2010 GX 460. Utilizing two mini cameras mounted on the front of vehicle that work in conjunction with a radar MILLIMETER WAVE, this system is sensitive enough to detect certain non-metal objects. From a third camera mounted on the steering column, the driver monitoring system with monitor monitors the orientation of the driver's face.

If the camera finds that the driver is not looking straight ahead for several seconds and if an obstacle is detected in front of the vehicle, the system warns the driver, first by ringing a bell, then a flashing indicator light. As the vehicle gets closer to the obstacle, the system pre-collision starts automatically apply the brakes.

To help the driver avoid the obstacle, the system reprograms the steering ratio by amplifying the intensity and quickness of the reaction direction. At the same time, the system pre-collision automatically retracts the front seatbelts and prepares the brake system to respond with maximum force when activated by the driver in anticipation of a potential shock.

The warning system output channel (LDA) warns the driver in case of unintended lane departure by activating a buzzer and displaying an alert. This system does not independently control the direction and only works if the driver holds the steering wheel.

Novelty for 2010: in certain rear collisions at low speeds, active front head restraints MOVING almost instantly upward and forward when the force of the occupant's body is applied to the seat. Another novelty: the Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) serial help improve visibility when cornering and the integrated intensity discharge headlights (HID). The new system intelligent control with high beam headlights washer automatically adjusts your lights to avoid dazzling drivers who drive in reverse. Headlight washers help to ensure optimal operation of lighthouses in all weather conditions.

Luxury / Comfort / convenience

The GX 460 offers a luxurious interior with fit and finish that one is entitled to expect of a Lexus vehicle. Among the standard features found including: Heated seats ventilated front and a 8 way power; automatic climate control; of seats and leather-trimmed surfaces; audio controls on steering wheel; wiper active by rain; a transparent roof panel has assisted control; steering wheel and shift knob gear shafts of wood and leather-trimmed; a system of memorization of the driver's seat, the position of the steering wheel and exterior mirrors; and an overhead console with integrated HomeLink ® transmitter-receiver.

The GX 460 2010 comes standard as a true multimedia room for the family with Mark Levinson audio system has 17 speakers and navigation, integrated iPod ® control and XM radio receiver. Bluetooth ® compatibility includes reading music streaming and handsfree phone.

The GX 460 2010 is equipped as standard with a reverse camera in the back. This camera allows the driver to see what is happening behind the vehicle when in reverse, viewing the image on the LCD screen has navigation system serial.

Luxury options

Lexus makes personalizing the GX 460 2010 by offering a premium basic model well equipped and Ultra Premium model. The Premium model includes the system "Smart Key" with a pushbutton startup, the second row seats Heated seats with lateral, an automatic control system of the three temperature zones, Multi-terrain Monitor, mirrors dialogue the exterior mirrors fold ELECTROCHROMIC has assisted control, sonar untap front and rear; and more. The Ultra Premium model includes seats in semi-aniline leather steering wheel and gear lever knob trimmed wood heating, a DVD entertainment system has two screens at the back, a warning system lane departure (LDA), a display screen of the perimeter has four cameras, Illuminated door sill plates, and more.

A group with off-road off-road guide and protector of fuel tank is standard with Ultra Premium Package.

The navigation system's hard drive is offered new generation of series 2010 and includes a bilingual speech recognition system as well as the download of Bluetooth telephone directory for convenience. The entertainment system in the back (RSES) option now includes two LCD screens installed in the backs of both front seats. The automatic control system of the three temperature zones for increased passenger comfort of the third row is in the Premium model series.

Exterior Design

Lexus designed the GX 460 2010 for way to combine functionality and elegance with a distinctive brand identity of encrusted in the philosophy of L-finesse design. The result obtained reflects the performance and luxury attributes of the vehicle. A key goal of the designers was to create the impression that the vehicle is carved from a single block of metal.

The distinctive grille features three horizontal bars and, when we look closer, we can detect the details and delicate textures that embody the legendary Lexus care of detail. The grille is framed by distinctive character lines on the hood and a chrome trim. The front bumper integrated fog lamps in series.

Among the elements of functional design are the low profile roof rails and an acoustic windshield glass that help reduce wind noise. The luxury touches abound on every side, like green tint glass UV absorption on the ice before the ice at the back intimacy and enlightened steps.

Interior Design

The GX 460 2010 offers the refinement of luxury and quality finish of a Lexus sedan. With a powertrain less noisy, especially between 3000 and 4000 rev / min, combines a new soundproofing materials scattered throughout the body and frame, the silence that reigns in the cockpit is even more exceptional. Taking one of the characteristics of the LS sedan bearers Lexus GX 460 is endowed with power windows with automatic one-touch command INCORPORATING motors that reduce speed just before the complete closure to minimize noise in the cockpit .

The dashboard is designed to give the impression that comes from a single metal bar and configured so that all essential controls are at your fingertips. The electroluminescent element of indicators are a traditional and functional Lexus design. The seats, head restraints, armrests, door trim, shift knob gear and leather-trimmed steering wheel contribute to the elegance of Lexus key. For 2010, additional wood trim, bites dashboard and soft-touch surfaces enhance the luxury feel. The GX offers three interior colors for 2010: Ecru, Black and Sepia.

XM - more than just a radio

The GX 460 is factory prepared to offer a host of innovative services, such as XM NavTraffic ® and XM Nav.

XM NavTraffic informs the driver of the state of traffic with real-time reports. In case of problem of traffic, navigation system alerts the driver can then change its itinerary. XM NavTraffic and XM NavWeather are available individually option through XM. All XM services offer free trial periods of 90 days.


All new Lexus vehicles are covered by a limited warranty of 48 months basic / 80 000 km with roadside assistance for 48 months / unlimited Kilometers. Powertrain and restraint system are covered for 72 additional months/110 000 km. Perforation due to corrosion is covered for 72 months, regardless of mileage.

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