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The taxi unified color 'BLUE'

The prolific mayor of Quebec Regis Labeaume wishes more than anyone, see the car fleet taxis plying the streets of the beautiful city, go to a unified color and in addition, they can possibly use more engines environmentally.

Meanwhile, Montreal taxis will soon be able to place advertising signs on their car. In addition, it would seem they would have soon a common visual approach without having to go to the paint shop. Finally, and this was like taxis Mr. Labeaume, they should also go to the 'green', and here it is not the color ...

Personally, I'm not very infatuated see taxis Montreal have billboards and have to settle for simple aesthetic touches, memes if they are standardized.

Ideally, if one day we had to pass a car taxis has unified color, it would be good in this color can be one in which the Quebecois are able to recognize and I think the 'blue' is the color that matches the longer has this identity approach.

The taxi that serves as icon

For many tourists, the entrance door to a new country or a big city, is ensured by the taxi drivers. A well regarded approach different ways, and depending on the region of the world where we are.

Among the major cities around the world, there are more and found taxis cars, wearing the colors unified or single brand, including the following examples:

New York: What a great visibility, here represented by the iconic Yellow Cabs.

London: The Londoner black taxi, even more than his cousin typical New Yorkers.

Mexico: Place the Volkswagen New Beetle green or yellow, the assemblies there.

India: Kingdom of the traditional sedan Ambassador grayish tone.

Brussels: We want taxis two tones, a black body and almond color cover.

Bangkok: The very colorful Tuk-Tuk has three wheels, mythical emblem of Thailand.

Manila: Military Jeepneys were transformed into real vehicles taxis.

Jakarta: The Indonesian Bajaj, a cousin of the famous three-wheeled tuk-tuk.

All these vehicles taxis have one thing in common. They have become over the years, the first tourist attraction which travelers have the pleasure to discover, treading new ground. For thus has all the 'Kids Kodak' on the planet to give ac heart joy ...

Taxi 'blue' Quebecois

Today, the time has come to stand out once again as a separate company, enabling different taxi fleets gradually opting for vehicles has unified color. Approach, which should be developed or directed by the various government authorities, whether provincial or municipal.

Such an initiative could possibly even extend through the entire Quebec and not only to the cities of Montreal and Quebec. Similarly, the design of adapted vehicles to help people with loss of autonomy should be more meaningful colors.

Speaking color, it is one that reaches all quebecois and for many moons, or blue, this particular shade that is used in the manufacture of our national flag. For example, the 'Blue Celeste' used in the 2010 Mazdaspeed3 version is the color that I think is closer, than that used for our national flag.

Strictly speaking, one could even conceive taxi cars with a two-tone body, but always on background 'blue' Quebecois.

Or the hybrid vehicles are the most effective ecological matter, it is in urban traffic, where they are mainly powered by its electric motor, so very few pollutants. Thus, it would be very interesting for us all to see and as soon as possible, these taxis cars opted for this technology has already been proven, especially under the hood of the Toyota Prius.

With very limited autonomy, the solution 'all electric' is not at least for the moment, possible for those cars that are constantly in motion ...

The taxi unified color 'BLUE' picture #1

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