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Kia Canada presents its 'Programme Privileges'

Kia is the first manufacturer to launch a national rewards program for its clientele in the automotive industry

Kia Canada today unveiled its Privileges Program for its clientele. This program is the first of its kind to be launched in the Canadian automotive industry and is the newest marketing tool that Kia has launched to enhance the experience of the owners of Kia vehicles.

All Kia dealerships are automatically enrolled in the program. The valuable clientele Kia can begin to reap the benefits of membership immediately.

"Kia Canada is very excited with the announcement of this program because it provides added value to our clientele and the reward for their loyalty to the Kia brand," said Robert Staffieri, national director of relationship management with clientele. "We are committed to enhance the buying experience and have a positive impact on consumers' expectations thanks to initiatives-key and strategic projects designed to prevent customers from switching to competitors while ensuring that once customers become customers for life. "

The benefits for members include discounts on future purchases a franchise, value added services and access to exclusive offers and discounts.

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