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Ford prefers the offer of Chinese Geely wants to acquire Volvo

Ford prefers the offer of Chinese Geely wants to acquire Volvo picture #1

Ford sells Volvo to Geely

In recent months, we were taught that two new groups of investors seemed interested in acquiring the Swedish manufacturer Volvo, in order to thwarted the aims of Chinese giant Geely.

Among these prospective purchasers, we find at once an American consortium consists among others, former directors of Ford, while the consortium of Swedish business people, seems you had sentence raise the necessary funds for Volvo continues a Swedish entity entirely.

Ford Geely preferred supply

Now, however, Ford openly announced his preference for Zhejiang Geely Group Holding Group Co. Ltd.., An industrial giant or an extremely powerful out there conglomerate in China.

As the final decision has not yet been taken, and it will be some time before it occurs, it means that Ford will rather look at the offers on the table by Geely, while keeping p'tite gene on approaches consortia American and Swedish.

The very strong ties between Ford and Volvo

With this announcement, we also discover that the links woven over the years, Ford and Volvo can not be totally abandoned and in discussions between Ford, Volvo and Geely, one should take into account the intentions of Ford maintain alliances with Volvo, including the possibility of continued use of common platforms for the development of future models.

A risk that is not necessarily calculated

Since manufacturers Jaguar and Land Rover pass under the yoke of the Indian Tata, sales of the latter have ceased to decline, in addition to being become the main cause of new deficits Indian giant.

Here is an example that can not be ignored when a Swedish manufacturer of origin could be bought by a Chinese company.

Although Volvo, once sold to the Chinese Geely, retain its genes and will most likely, this will be the perception of people who will make this acquisition can provide dividends for everyone, otherwise there will may be the end of the Swedish ...

Ford prefers the offer of Chinese Geely wants to acquire Volvo picture #2

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