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GM ends Saturn division has its

We knew for a few months, the group of Roger Penske was going to offer the network of Saturn dealers had totally excluded Canadian franchises and these last would have to close their doors.

Today, and it was the surprise of all, voila-General Motors announced that it must put an end to its Saturn division after the failure of talks with Roger Penske, the 2nd distributor of vehicles in the United States .

Small reminder of the facts

Recall that in early June, GM and Penske Group Mr. ads had an agreement by which the network of Saturn dealers would pass into the hands of the latter.

The Saturn brand is only available in North America (USA and Canada) was founded in 1985 plan to counter the invasion of Japanese cars in America. In total, the division sold beyond 4 million vehicles, but in recent years, sales have ceased to decline, while sales of economic cars Toyota, Honda and Hyundai / Kia have known increases phenomenal sales from our southern neighbors. A resultant increases in oil prices in 2007 and 2008, not to mention the economic crisis of 2009.

15,000 job losses

In June, we talked to the rescue of 350 car dealerships and the very fact of 13,000 jobs in the United States.

But today is just the opposite happens or we see these franchises will closed and the employees who will lose their jobs. To these, we must add the 60 Canadian dealers of the Saturn division, which are already in 'closing' bringing with them around 2000 employees who have seen their jobs soar.

It remains to be hoped that the majority of workers who have or will lose their jobs, be able to find another job in another car dealership ...

GM ends Saturn division has its picture #1

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