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Toyota 4RUNNER 2010: always faithful to the aspirations of its clientele

In the mid-year '80, fans of sport utility vehicles and used these to perform heavy work and to evader in the forest has a plan to go fishing or hunting. They were made especially strong and very robust, designed as a full-size truck platform. Since then, SUVs have gentrified and become vehicles for urban warned ...

For its part, Toyota 4RUNNER remains faithful to the first category, without disregard to any modern technological approach, quite the contrary. Appeared in 1984, the legendary Toyota 4RUNNER which is has its 5ieeme generation has terminated its association with any V8 engine, which is replaced by a both more powerful V6 engine and especially less energy. This new 4.0-liter engine and a 270 horsepower is mated to a five-speed automatic transmission has. For 2010, it is the only powertrain offered.

To slightly higher dimensions to those of the previous model, it retains a capacity of towing very tough, located a 2268 kg (5000 lbs.)

With its 3rd row bench, it can accommodate up to seven passengers, but no way to get a Old Orchard sitting on the latter, except perhaps for small children who may find their account. The interior has been completely revised, providing more outbursts medians for passenger seats, a range of multimedia gadgets and especially a new dashboard, more functional and can accommodate a navigation system of new generation.

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The all-new 2010 Toyota 4Runner is inspired by the tradition of robustness to provide off-road capabilities with more power and reduced fuel consumption.

BARRIE, ON, Sept. 24 / CNW / - In 1984, Toyota 4Runner was singing his first sport-utility vehicle (SUV) based on the platform of the truck has four-wheel drive Toyota, combining the versatility and ability to go anywhere with the comfort and utility qualities. Twenty-five and four generations later years, the 4Runner remains true to its roots. To date, more than 103,225 Canadians have purchased the 4Runner and discovered adventure on and off road.

Today, for the first time in Canada and in the context of the North American premiere of the vehicle, Toyota unveiled the all-new 2010 4Runner the largest auto show North American, the 2009 Georgian College Auto Show . Benefiting from an impressive list of new features for performance, safety, comfort and convenience, all recent 4Runner will offer the same starting price of $ 36,800 as the 2009 model it replaces.

The all-new fifth generation 4Runner was rethinking and reorganizing thoroughly. It is even more robust and agile, delivers more power, better fuel efficiency and more features and security technologies for Canadian drivers looking for an authentic SUV both energetic and competent. Equipped with a standard V6 engine 270 hp, it offers 34 more horsepower and an improved consumption by 5 percent compared to the previous V6 engine. In terms of pure power, the new V6 surpasses even the previous generation V8 10 horses with a towing capacity of 5,000 lb equivalent (2268 kg). And integrates new technologies such as cruise slow speed and kinetic dynamic suspension system (KDSS), which allow him to venture off the beaten path. With its power, energy efficiency and off-road technology, the new 4Runner is a true workhorse.

"4Runner drivers continue to trust in His power, performance and passion inspired by legendary more than 70 years history of Toyota trucks in the world," stated Warren Orton, Director, Toyota Canada Inc. "With its body-on-frame, the 2010 4Runner seduce passionate adventure and off-road enthusiasts. "

Finding its place in the range of intermediate SUV Toyota 4Runner is perfectly complementary to the Highlander crossover vehicle and "retro", the FJ Cruiser. It combines the strength and durability of body-on-frame to the versatile design that can accomplish a multitude of tasks.

The last 4Runner gaining height, width and length and is available in several configurations. It will be offered in particular basic model SR5 V6 with four groups of options: Improves the group, the Trail edition for those who want optimum off road capabilities, the richly Team Group Limited and Limited Premium Package with Navigation.

The powertrain is a series system has permanent 4WD with a locking center differential multimode. All models are equipped with a 4.0-liter V6 mated to a 5-speed automatic Super Electronically Controlled Transmission (Super ECT-i). The third-row seat that team option packages Limited and Limited with Navigation can accommodate up to seven occupants.

The 2010 Toyota 4Runner will propose to the starting price of $ 36,800, which is the same price as the 2009 model it replaces. It goes on sale across Canada later this fall.

"With its tradition in Canada and around the world for its performance and versatility, the new 4Runner will not disappoint the passionate steering wheel or potential SUV buyers," he adds Mr. Orton. "At its release this fall, the 4Runner will offer a combination of power, efficiency and capabilities of off-road agrement should seduce young drivers and young at heart."

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