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Ford Super Duty 2011: two new powertrains

Massive Ford Super Duty trucks, the most sold in North America and most taken by a clientele in search of a big truck using their tool. Beyond its new aesthetic approach, which always wants as impressive, the new F250 trucks and F350 will especially benefit from new engines Power Stroke family, but this time developed by the engineers of the house and not by Navistar .

The new V8 are discovering in two very distinct variants or one petrol and one turbodiesel has. The V8 petrol presents a cylinder 6.2 liter turbodiesel V8 engine while THATthe announces cylinder 6.7 liter. In both cases, we still have to wait a few months before knowing the technical data of these two new engines. They are now connected to a new six-speed automatic transmission TorqShift heavy-duty. 

The geometry of the newcomers was entiereemnt revised to provide a more elevated comfort without having to deprive them of their legendary strength.

On the inside, they are equally luxurious, if not more than many so-called interior prestige sedans, while having the same technology, including multimedia, which is found in the past.

For more details, here is the press release issued by Ford: 


Ford 2011 Super Duty maintain their reputation for hard drive thanks to new powertrains and capabilities in mind Class

Trucks Series F Super Duty 2011 are characterized by new powertrains with, as a leader, diesel V8 Power Stroke ® 6.7L turbocharged has designed, developed and built by Ford. It offers power and torque considerably improved, as a fuel economy and carrying capacity and towing head of category, and compatibility with biodiesel fuel up to B20.

A new V8 petrol 6.2L also added to the range. It offers power and torque significantly improved, as a fuel economy in mind Class. In addition, it can use regular fuel, E85 or any combination of both. 

A new 6-speed automatic transmission 6R140 heavy-duty TorqShift ® allows you to use the faster low-end torque of the new diesel engine. This box has all the capabilities SelectShiftMC, offering customers the convenience of a manual gearbox.

The Ford Work Solutions, a meme front console with integrated converter 110 volts, new seats and a lockable storage compartment under the seat, add even more productivity in the Super Duty in its role as a mobile office. In addition, productivity has a screen of 4.2-inch LED provides a variety of information.

A PTO functionality with non-stationary vehicle, exclusive segment is available with the diesel engine and the new 6R140 box.


DALLAS, Sept. 24, 2009 - The Ford Super Duty customers expect and demand has good capabilities of the most sold in North America service truck drive. For most owners of Super Duty is the main asset of their business. Day after day and year after year, they expect it to give results in the most demanding situations. No nonsense. And never an apology.

According to Mark Fields, Ford president of America: "Our Super Duty customers to perform the most difficult spots in America. "Every day they attack to the task without complaint and require the right tool for the job. The new 2011 Super Duty offers them a truck with best carrying capacity and towing the category, new powertrains and more capabilities than ever before to help them do their job. "

F Series trucks are the most sold in the United States for 32 years consecutive and consecutive 43 years in Canada. The all-new Super Duty remains faithful to the reputation of hard drive Ford.

Chris Brewer, chief engineer, said: "The 2011 Super Duty offers the widest range of solutions for the widest range of truck customers work hard service. The Super Duty line offers a variety of body styles and powertrains, including petrol and diesel engines, each with a new 6-speed box, the same as pickup body and frame cabins with their own load capacities and towing that define Super Duty concept. "

New gasoline engines and diesel offer a couple, power and fuel economy improved.

For 2011, Super Duty are characterized by new diesel and petrol mated to a new gearbox. The new Power Stroke ® diesel V8 has turbocharged 6.7L was designed, developed and built by a Ford team dedicated to providing only the diesel engine category head of the next generation of Super Duty trucks, allowing them continue to provide the best carrying capacity and towing the category.

Advantages of the new Power Stroke diesel engine 6.7L

First use of an engine block cast a vermicular graphite in a vehicle of category Super Duty in North America. This material is stronger than conventional cast iron and Ford has successfully used in engine blocks of vehicles worldwide. The block structure was optimized to reduce weight while maximizing strength to meet the demands of increased torque and horsepower and better fuel economy.

A particular architecture with exhaust manifold and has a inside the intake manifold, on the outside, a first in the industry in a modern diesel engine, reduces the overall volume of Exhaust system, which ensures better response in acceleration. Surface Exhaust system minimizes the reduced heat exchange to the engine compartment, while reducing noise and vibration.

The simple sequential turbocharger control is characterized by a double front wheel mounted on a single shaft, a first in the industry. The turbo is mounted in the center on a medium low loader at the rear between the two cylinder banks, which reduces noise and vibration. This design provides a unique device offers the advantages of a twin-turbo system has a smaller and more efficient package that combines the benefits of a small turbocharger (more vivid reactions) and a bigger turbo (which compress and admit more air into the engine, producing more power) in one unit.

The power system injects a high pressure fuel has more than 29,000 PSI. It produces up to five injections per cylinder per cycle, thanks to the piezoelectric injectors has eight ports that inject fuel into the tank of the piston. The direct injection system is calibrated and graduated to produce optimal levels of power, fuel economy and noise and vibration.

Aluminum cylinder heads to reduce weight. The configuration in the middle of a dual cylinder block water jacket, the strength increases, while maximizing cooling. Six head bolts, instead of four, found in other engines, improve sealing and maintain cylinder integrity despite a higher combustion pressure.

Compatible with up to B20 fuel, allowing for selection of compounds more ecological fuels up to 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel based.

According to Adam Gryglak, director of the engineering diesel engine of 6.7 L: "The development of a diesel V8 Power Stroke turbocharged 6.7L represents an extraordinary effort. After all engineering work and all tests, we are confident that this engine will allow the new Super Duty to maintain its position as a leader in terms of capacity, reliability and productivity. "

The engine and after-treatment system of diesel Power Stroke V8 turbocharged 6.7L has help meet stringent new emissions requirements federales 2010 for nitrogen oxides (NOx). These pollutants must be reduced by about 80 percent.

The new gasoline engine delivers more torque and power than the outgoing model

Ford has somewhat put on his proud tradition in racing to create the new V8 petrol engine 6.2 L. This architecture uses a "large cylinder" to provide power and fuel economy in mind Class. The large 102 mm Bore V8 allows the use of larger intake valves and exhaust to improve the air intake, while the reduced 95 mm stroke causes a higher engine speed and therefore more power.

Here are some advantages of the new V8 petrol 6.2L:

A mechanism of valve SOHC rods provided with a roller rocker: The bolt has simple configuration camshaft (SOHC) provides a rigid valve train that optimizes profiles thrust of the camshaft and get excellent torque at low revs. Rods fitted with a roller rocker arms allow you to change the angle of the valves, thus optimizing the intake and exhaust air flow.

The equal distribution variable intake and exhaust: The opening and closing of the intake valves and exhaust are synchronized to optimize fuel economy and performance throughout the engine and all positions of the accelerator.

Two spark plugs per cylinder: Due to the large size of the boring, two spark plugs per cylinder are used to burn the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber more efficiently, providing better fuel economy and a couple more high. These two candles also allow the engine to maintain a smooth, stable idle.

Double knock detectors: A knock sensor in each row of cylinders of the V8 engine ensures that the ignition timing of each cylinder is individually optimized in real time throughout the regime of the engine. Engine "learns" a grace optimal timing has an adaptive algorithm.

A comprehensive job development and computer-aided engineering has optimized the cylinder block to improve the flow of air into the housing, while the pistons up and down in their bores, providing more torque a diet more high. Piston cooling by oil jets under the pistons, helps to cool the heads of operating conditions despite extreme pistons. These jets also allow a higher volumetric ratio, increasing the efficiency of the engine and the accelerant warming oil during cold start, which also improves the fuel economy.

A new gearbox operates and manages TorqShift power; Live Drive PTO available.

The all-new 6-speed automatic transmission 6R140 heavy-duty TorqShift is designed to manage the high low-end torque of the new diesel engine. An almost identical version of this box is coupled to the new petrol engine. Customers of each motor can therefore effectively use this extra power and torque. Among the technical improvements in efficiency and increased fuel economy, there are: a refined architecture for a relatively low clutch speeds, thereby reducing losses adherence, levels of fluids and oil return optimized to reduce foaming, while ensuring better lubrication.

In addition to purely enjoy mechanical improvements, the new box has a mode improves traction engine with integrated exhaust brake and automatic SelectShift capability which includes a progressive Select mode and a manual mode, allowing customers to choose the report that meets best their needs.

The new TorqShift box also provides the first application in the category of a Super Duty PTO can be operated when the vehicle is moving. With the 2011 Super Duty trucks with diesel engine option for predevelopment PTO, gear output thereof is connected to the engine crankshaft through the torque converter. This allows the box to operate auxiliary equipment such as a snow plow, elevator gear, towing device a depanneuse a concrete mixer or dump truck. It is possible that the engine is running.

Used for the first time in agriculture, the PTO with functionality moving vehicle is particularly useful when you have a function of making mobile movement during start-stop operations, as in the case of salting or snow removal from pavements. Al Bruck, director of engineering for the 6R140 box states: "A motion taken with mobile functionality in vehicle displacement allow customers to Super Duty trucks to enjoy the equipment of their vehicles. "

Carrying capacity and towing head of category; new towing options.

The mission of the Super Duty trucks is to exploit all their power. The 2011 Super Duty is characterized by a greater carrying capacity and towing capacity and increasing its already class-leading, while offering more towing from inside the tray. A novelty: the very first harness factory installed with sub-structure gooseneck guaranteed, directly connected to the frame. According to Peter Frantzeskakis, Director, Vehicle Engineering: "Our system is installed at the factory with a limited warranty from Ford. The electrical connection is mounted in the side of the tray, ensuring a flawless installation. "

We particularly note any productivity improvements which have been made to pick-up F-450 to benefit the clients with the most intensive needs towing. It has removed all excess weight to improve the fuel economy and speed. Even with these changes, the pick-up Super Duty F-450 keeps a total maximum permitted laden weight of 33,000 lb, the best category.

The addition of the stabilizing function of the trailer is the most important safety improvement

The famous feature Trailer Sway joins Ford Super Duty has the range, providing these clients has this ability in the first in the segment. This feature integrates AdvanceTrac ® with control of stability which is now antiretournementMC series in all single rear wheel configurations. 

The control module of this device uses additional software to monitor the movement of the truck when a trailer is attached. The stabilizing function of the trailer may determine, after the yaw of the truck if the trailer is swerving and take measures - such as applying precise braking or reducing engine torque - to bring the trailer under control.

To provide even more peace of mind, control of available integrated trailer brake that is installed at the factory with a limited warranty from Ford offers a softer and safer operation due to its ability to interface with multiple vehicle systems . Normal braking is proportional to the pressure applied by the driver to ensure a smooth stops all speeds. If the system is anti-lock brakes the vehicle operates, the special trailer brake is applied to minimize the possibility that the trailer wheels lock. In the case of Super Duty trucks with trailer brake controller, towing an implement of trailers with electric brakes, the Ford system can, during any incident sway, also apply brakes to the trailer to help stabilize it.

Here are some other features and improvements for towing, off-road control and safety:

Assist device startup sloping applies the brakes to prevent the vehicle back down.

Descent control that uses the throttle and brakes to maintain and adjust the speed of the vehicle.

Electronic differential lock which provides maximum traction by forcing the rear wheels to rotate at the same speed.

System monitoring tire pressure series all models with a single rear wheels.

Lateral airbags and inflatable curtains and cushions optional.

New screen has 4.2-inch LED available providing information on individual characteristics as control trailer brakes and traction mode.

A more comfortable experience thanks to a rolling road holding and steering IMPROVED

In addition to greater carrying capacity and towing and better fuel economy, thanks to new powertrains, customers of the next Super Duty also will benefit from bowling, road holding and a IMPROVED direction. For 2011, the engineering team has optimized the frame and suspension of the current Super Duty, particularly at a leaf springs and spring rate in general. She also rule all internal valves in the dampers to provide greater carrying capacity and towing and best qualities for roads.

Management is also new. Trucks F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 4x2 offer a system of geometry changes direction to enjoy the front suspension axle shafts "Twin I-Beam" which combines the performance of an independent suspension with the durability of a rigid axle suspension. Ensuring symmetry of the steering box from left to right, we have improved the reaction, the precision and centering direction. The result? Better comfort, better control and increased confidence for the driver in all situations.

According to Dan Gompper, supervisor, vehicle dynamics: "This is especially the controllability that ensures comfort Super Duty trucks. The truck is loaded or unloaded, full trailer or empty with, customers can fully trust. "

External bold lines; a new center console enhances the interior.

The new cover 2011 Super Duty, with its inverse raised hood, complete new diesel and petrol engines it conceals. The designation "Super Duty" is stamped on the upper grille with a larger Ford oval proudly decorating the front. On the inside, customers will benefit from a new center console, reconfigurable, which improves the functionality of the truck. The storage capacity increases by about 60 percent and there are at least 70 possible configurations. A 12-volt outlet is available at the rear of the console and another is located inside a lockable main tray. Converter is 110 V series with all console configurations.

Increased productivity thanks to Ford Work Solutions

For many customers, the Super Duty cab also serves as a mobile office. The Ford Work Solutions in exclusivity in the industry, are part of available technology to help customers stay branches between the work site and office and also has monitoring tools. A new screen has LED productivity of 4.2 inches allows customers to take full advantage of the capabilities Super Duty 2011. Has also added a center MultiMessage off-road. The button has five branches on the steering wheel allows customers to navigate through various menus - many of which relate to fuel economy and towing convenience - a feature never before offered in a Super Duty truck.

The heritage continues Safety

Thanks to all new powertrains ensuring greater carrying capacity and towing, security enhancements as the stabilization function of the trailer and the greater functionality of Ford Work Solutions, the new 2011 Super Duty is ready to continue its heritage work truck of choice in North America.

Some of the awards won by the current Super Duty, according to data from the survey Global Quality Research System (GQRS) on the 2009 model:

Best in its class for all segments of pick-up - non reussies Things

Best in category among heavy-duty pickups - Customer Satisfaction

"Thanks to new powertrains and increased capacities, the 2011 Super Duty consolidates its heritage ultimate work truck," is that assertion Mr. Brewer.

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