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Chrysler opts for guides owner on DVD

The American manufacturer Chrysler claims to be the first manufacturer to offer the guides on DVD driver, for future vehicle owners brands Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep models-year 2010.

This very wise decision has immediate effect was to eliminate themselves beyond 930 tons of paper, the equivalent of 20,000 trees and saved annually. Today, the vast majority of owner manuals have between 300 and 600 pages each, and often accompanied by complementary booklets.

Information obtained faster

Each DVD includes obviously the owner's guide in digital form, including inter alia information on the various warranties and roadside assistance services.

The most interesting in this new approach, which I hope will soon be imitated, is to enjoy viewing HD shows us how to use the various vehicle accessories, often accompanied by sketches, photos and paintings. In addition, the owner may move directly to a particular topic instead of leafing through a book of several hundred pages.

With the complexity of new systems to aid the conduct, the use of dozens of keys and commands very gusts of multimedia technologies, it is obvious that this way of doing from Chrysler is the new way forward and for all manufacturers.

It will also be much more comfortable seeing this digital guide the owner, whether one is in the vehicle or at home.

For fans of the owner of the guide on paper, they can get all the same paper says the dealer or order via the customer services of the manufacturer.

The owner of the digital guide is obviously available in English or French in Canada.

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