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Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2010: 9th version

For the Stuttgart manufacturer, its range of cars and E-Class is for ages, a great value for the latter, particularly on the main european auto Echiquiers. Thus, the battery manufacturer constantly on eggshells whenever he finds it necessary to make this range a popular ultra major changes, and even if the longevity of each of the generations has a duration of at least seven.

This new sedan that has just made its entry in Canada, has a silhouette that obviously remains faithful to the aspirations of the designers of the firm, while opting for a new facies and general lines which give it a more aggressive style, compared to the attraction represented by its predecessor.

Ever, this range of cars has had profited much of elements of active security and especially a passive character. Among them, we find offered as standard equipment, no less than 10 airbags and a detection system drowsiness.

The entire interior has been redesigned to look back and combed. This large sedan seats five passengers and no matter their size. The trunk offers no less than 540 liters of cargo space, as a complement to the many storage spaces which benefited the latter. The board completely new board puts in evidence its a new high resolution screen, which manages many electronic systems, aids the conduct and multimedia, available this car very upscale.

For the Canadian work, the range of E-Class sedans have a horse has four very distinct engines.

Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC: V6 petrol, 3.0-liter, 24-valve, 268 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque

Mercedes-Benz E350 BlueTec: V6 turbodiesel, 3.0-liter, 24-valve, 210 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque

Mercedes-Benz E550 4MATIC: V8 petrol, 5.5-liter, 32-valve, 382 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG V8 petrol, 6.2-liter, 32-valve, 518 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque

To learn more, here is the press release issued by Mercedes-Benz Canada:


Mercedes-Benz launches the ninth generation E-Class

The all new E-Class sedan is distinguished by a striking design and a level of luxury and safety uneven

TORONTO, Sept. 23 / CNW / - The E-Class Sedan 2010 Mercedes-Benz represents the ninth generation of this range of models to resounding success. For a long time the E-Class, true reference in the luxury segment, is considered as the best business sedan in the world, with over 10 million copies produced and sold during the 60 last years. Equipped with a myriad of security technologies precious unpublished, the new E-Class is on track to become another Pioneered the industry. Design inspired by Cubism The striking design of the new E-Class sedan begins with a treatment "cubist" forward a double optical characteristic of Mercedes-Benz. Two lamps are parallelogram shaped as inlaid in the front wings, the three-dimensional framework enclosing the calender. The overall shape of the body is the result of a sophisticated interplay between lines and surfaces. Dynamic lines and trenches contribute to highlight the vast concave and convex surfaces.

A tense graceful line above the wheel arches back confers a particular muscle outline the rear wings. Although the car has a futuristic appearance, passionate automobile will perhaps his style a blink of an eye it has the famous Mercedes "Ponton" 1950s. Sedan four-door E-Class still features the Star has three branches prominently on the cover, above its gills a well known design grille. Methods active individual air conditioning control on a button to the E-Class, Mercedes-Benz has developed an air conditioning system that allows an individual adjustment of temperature in four areas to ensure the well-being of the driver, front passenger and rear passengers. Serial on V8 models, air conditioning THERMOTRONIC allows occupants to choose at the touch of a button between the "Diffuse" mode, "Medium" and "Focuses". This adjusts the air conditioning peak flow and air distribution according to preferences of the occupants without leaving auto mode, very convenient. The E350 4MATIC is equipped as standard with automatic climate control THERMATIC two areas.

Range of models: standard equipment and more complete individual variants

Individuality and variety have always been two of the outstanding attributes of the E-Class In addition to the Mercedes-Benz customers a wide choice of engines and various types of suspensions, the new sedan is distinguished by sports rims combinations / tires 18 inches or 19 inches, many colors body paint, and a multitude of upholstery colors and interior trim. New security systems are helping to lead the Technology Package of the new E-Class includes Blind Spot offers already on the S-Class and the new lane departure warning system, which alerts the driver with slight vibration the steering wheel if the car goes out of his way when no flashing has been active. More than 60 km / h, the system recognizes the demarcation lines painted on the floor thanks to a small camera integrated windshield and a computer that analyzes the video images.

Wizard Adaptive Highbeam uses a small video camera to detect the headlights of vehicles coming in the opposite direction and the taillights of vehicles foregoing, and automatically alternates between smooth and light modes and road lights crossing to avoid dazzling other drivers. This system uses a camera mounted in a windshield to detect the vehicles approaching in the opposite direction and those preceding, and adjusts the headlamps a way that their light beams do not reach the other vehicle. This allows optimum illumination of the road at all times. The scope of the headlights can go from 65 meters to 300 meters. If the road is clear, the system operates a gentle transition to high beam. This system series includes active headlights bi-xenon headlights and daytime running light emitting diode (LED).

The Assistance for night visibility PLUS now allows the driver to see pedestrians up to 90 meters (300 ft) earlier than before. When the system detects pedestrians, they are highlighted on the screen, the silhouette of each person being underlined to clearly signal its presence. Unlike passive systems that use a thermal imaging, this active system illuminates the road by projecting invisible infrared light from two projectors Assembled in the headlights. Increasing the visibility of the driver illuminating an area of ​​up to 150 meters (500 ft) in front of the car, assistance for night visibility PLUS uses a infrared camera has an integrated windshield and displays the reflected images within the group of instruments in the form of video images in black and white extremely detailed. Serial, the system includes PARKTRONIC parking guide, which uses a six radar sensors mounted behind the front bumper and rear. At low speeds, the system scans available parking spaces and displays a "P" on the dashboard if the space is large enough for the vehicle.

When walking back is latched, the park assist displays a pictogram of the steering wheel and provides a valuable aid for the execution of maneuvers steering. ATTENTION ASSIST "Time to take a break?" Among the many features of the E-Class series in a position to save lives, we find innovative detection system ATTENTION ASSIST, which can warn the driver when it detects signs of drowsiness, a factor causing more than 100,000 accidents a year in North America. A steering angle sensor couple is intelligent software that establishes, on the basis of 70 parameters, a unique driver profile during the twenty first minutes of driving. Between 80 km / h and 180 km / h, the system recognizes the irregular movements being done by turning drivers to correct their trajectory when they begin to doze. It then emits an audible warning and the message "Time for a Rest?" accompanied by an icon representing a cup of coffee appears in the instrument cluster.

PRE-SAFE Brake (R) can automatically apply 100% of the braking force in an emergency

When the E-Class is equipped device optional Distronic Plus, another revolutionary feature of security developed by Mercedes-Benz, namely the PRE-SAFE Brake can now apply the maximum braking power in an emergency to reduce the severity of the accident. When PRE-SAFE Brake senses an impending collision, the system emits three beeps. If the driver does not react to the warning and a collision is unavoidable, emergency braking is seated. About 1.6 seconds before the impact occurs, partial braking is launched and measures occupant protection PRE-SAFE are deployed. If the driver still does not respond, the maximum braking is triggered approximately 0.6 seconds before the collision, reducing the severity of the impact and serving as "electronic crumple zone". All models are equipped E-Class PRE-SAFE system of "basic" - the first system in the world able to detect danger and to take precautionary measures before a crash.

The innovative PRE-SAFE system first automatically tends belts if an impending collision is detected. PRE-SAFE uses a voltage electric devices resettable more pyrotechnic devices existing tension. In addition, if the front passenger seat is too tilts backward or forward, PRE-SAFE adjusts its position so it is a safer crash. If the angle of the seat cushion of the front passenger seat is too low, it is also adjusted to help prevent submarining. If the vehicle skids (often a precursor barrel sign), the system closes the sunroof and side windows. If the collision is avoided, electrical devices seatbelt pretensioners automatically relax and are ready to deploy again. If necessary, PRE-SAFE intervenes in case of oversteer or understeer by using existing sensors Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to measure steering angle, yaw rate of the vehicle and the lateral acceleration. Emergency braking can also trigger PRE-SAFE, which monitors sensors also the emergency brake assist (BAS).

Nine airbags protecting occupants in the event of frontal impact, or lateral

The 2010 E-Class is now equipped with front airbags, a new knee airbag for the driver that minimizes leg injuries in frontal collisions, and new pelvic air bags which work together with cushions- curtain airbags and existing lateral airbags to provide additional protection for front passengers in a dangerous lateral impact.

Increased comfort thanks to adaptive shock absorbers and improved air suspension

Serial E350 4MATIC sedan on the DIRECT CONTROL suspension provides the best of both worlds for a conventional suspension helical springs. A small piston is connected to a by-pass flow in each hydraulic damper. Such a design allows to receive a small softness and silence on normal roads increased turnover; however, the maximum damping degree is applied to the winding roads and irregular when it is really necessary. Ride comfort reaches an even higher level with the AIRMATIC DC air suspension series of the E550 4MATIC. AIRMATIC DC uses the Adaptive Damping System (ADS) to reduce body roll when cornering. If the sensors detect a sporty driving style, the damping axis default on comfort, is automatically strengthened. The system is self-leveling and maintains a constant ride height to increase stability and improve handling. At high speeds, the body is automatically lowered to reduce roll and pitch.

The most aerodynamic luxury sedan world Boasting an impressive drag coefficient of only 0.25, the base European model of the new E-Class sedan is the most aerodynamic of the planet luxury. While the wider tires of North American model confer him a Cd of 0.27, while the aerodynamic lines of the car even result in an even lower fuel consumption and lower wind noise at high speed. The body of the new E-Class is also 30% stronger thanks to its intelligent design, which relies on the generous use of lightweight high strength steel, while the doors, hood and trunk lid are made of aluminum. The engineers redefined the luxury Mercedes-Benz takes the greatest care in the design of the interior of the E-Class sedan, was ensuring that each surface is appealing in form, color and material employed. The cockpit features five analog gauges, including two pairs of instruments interwoven into each other.

Standard equipment includes a sheath driving high-end leather multifunction buttons and an integrated electronic gear lever mounted Direct Select on the steering column. Among the characteristics of series, a new COMAND system with a large color display with seven-inch CD / DVD changer has six discs incorporated in the dashboard, and a Bluetooth interface to operate a cell phone lying on also found in a pocket or in a bag by the intermediary of the audio system of the vehicle. The driver or front passenger, using a selector mounted on the console, controlling the central display panel. The COMAND system can be equipped with an iPod/MP3 interface optional SIRIUS satellite radio and a voice control system for controlling advance the audio, navigation and telephony. The new system can also display maps and directions for the GPS navigation system (optional on the E350 4MATIC). First class seats electrically adjustable 14 ways, the front seats are characterized by an all-new design. They have large, stylish cushions seats to cellulite covering the steel frame has integrated suspension.

Optional multicontour seat for the driver allows surprisingly variable seat adjustments through a series of pneumatic cushions and bolsters Motorsports integrated in the seat cushion and backrest. Of additional controls for the multicontour seat cushions are located between the seat and the center console. To provide extra support during spirited driving, multicontour seat includes a "driving dynamics" function which swells the bolster is of right side in a left turn (or the left bolster in a right turn). Multicontour seat is designed to react to steering movements and cornering forces. In addition, E550 4MATIC sedan and E63 AMG can be equipped with Climate comfort seats, first proposed option on the S-Class Small electric fans integrated each front seat draw fresh air in space reserve for the occupants.

The air circulates in special plastic pipes and through a permeable fabric has way to escape uniformly upholstery in perforated leather seats. Thus, the seats which can be heated by the sun rapidly cooled. When the "Active" function is engaged, the center lumbar air chamber "breathes," inflating and deflating fully about twice a minute. It has been proved that slight movement is an effective orthopedic way to relax the spine and back muscles; so it makes long journeys more relaxing. Four engines Multipurpose E-Class E350 4MATIC The is powered by the latest V6 engine has four valves per cylinder that produces 268 horsepower and 258 lb-ft, while the E550 4MATIC is powered by a V8 5.5 liter 32-valve which generates a power of 382 horsepower and 391 lb-ft.

The E350 BlueTEC, it is endowed with an innovative V6 turbodiesel that develops a power of 210 horsepower and 400 lb-ft. As for the high-performance E63 AMG sedan is equipped first engine designed entirely by AMG 6.2-liter V8 and 518 horsepower with the torque reaches 465 lb-ft. One of the most powerful V8 naturally aspirated to date, this engine boasts a myriad of derived characteristics of the efforts and success of AMG on the racetrack. Built almost completely from a silicon alloy and high strength aluminum, 6.2-liter engine has four valves per cylinder, variable valve timing, to push a cup (instead of rockers) and a variable intake manifold. The E63 AMG sedan will arrive in Canadian dealerships later this year.

BLUETEC: a model technology for the cleanest diesel vehicles in the world

The E350 BlueTEC is powered by a versatile 3-liter turbodiesel V6 and 210 horsepower which reached an impressive torque of 400 lb-ft and energy efficiency 30% higher than that of a comparable gasoline engine. Combining several technologies to minimize diesel emission, the E350 BlueTEC is endowed with an engine has four valves per cylinder with Piezoelectric injectors montes center, CDI direct injection, a variable geometry turbocharger and exhaust gas recirculation. A construction of this advanced open source database engine, the E350 BlueTEC incorporates several modular units post-treatment in the course of exhaust gas: an oxidation catalytic converter, a particulate filter requires no maintenance, an SCR catalytic converter and NOx storage converter. It temporarily absorbs nitrogen oxides and during brief regeneration pulses of a richer fuel-air mixture, the nitrogen oxides are released and react in contact with other exhaust gas to form the not harmful nitrogen.

These regeneration pulses also increase the temperature in a particle filter, which automatically burns the deposits that accumulate. The E350 BlueTEC sedan goes on sale in Canada in spring 2010. 4MATIC AWD sedans copy E350 4MATIC and E450 4MATIC are equipped system of premium AWD 4MATIC. As and as the modern integral traction systems evolve, they become more and more sophisticated and gaining popularity, especially in the market of luxury motoring. Resulting in negligible compromise in terms of weight and energy efficiency, permanent integral traction can enhance traction and stability throughout the year, both on wet roads than on dry roads. The most recent version of the system 4MATIC Mercedes-Benz is perfectly integrated in the automatic transmission of a way to incorporate harmoniously to the standard body and appeal to the existing front suspension. Fuel efficiency has been improved through a number of innovative measures that minimize the amount of energy required to make additional gears and shafts rotate. Award-Winning MCT sports transmission: The Best of Both Worlds The high-performance E63 AMG sedan is also equipped with a transmission AMG at the cutting edge of technology.

Endowed with a clutch boot that replaces the torque converter, the new MCT sports transmission has seven gears offer direct answers to a manual transmission and the convenience of an automatic transmission, which gives it extraordinary versatility and allows shifting even faster. Thanks to its low rotational mass, clutch boot using the transmission react instantly and energetically, without slipping. AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT transmission PLUS includes seven reports, four modes shift, an automatic double-clutch and a "Leave race" mode. With its four driving modes - "C" (Comfort), "S" (Sport), "S +" (Sport plus) and "M" (Manual) - the transmission MCT allows personalized control gear changes maximizing driving pleasure, without power interruption. In Comfort mode, gear changes fluids couples a "soft" accelerator response shall be adopted to ensure that power is transferred smoothly. In Sport mode, the engine and transmission interact faster, has superior speed passages and demotions are performing at a higher diet.

In this mode, gear changes are about 20% faster than in Comfort mode. When you spend more Sport mode, it reduces the time required for shifting 20% ​​more, while the most aggressive mode, ie manual mode, yet 10% shortens the duration of gear changes - a total reduction of 50% compared with Comfort mode. In manual mode, gear changes are in just 100 milliseconds. The dual disengaging allows, via a computer-assisted intervention, to precisely adapt the regime of each engine manual or automatic demotion. This function is active modes "S" (Sport), "S +" (Sport plus) and "M" (Manual). Not only this demotion smooth adds to the pleasure of driving, but it also minimizes a jerk, which is particularly appreciable when front brakes to negotiate a turn.

The E63 AMG sedan is also endowed with a "Depart switch" function that helps maintain a full gas acceleration and optimal traction during an ordeal racing. After you have selected the mode "Leave race," the driver presses the brake pedal with the left foot and press the ESP Sport button. When the confirmation appears on the central display, the driver reconfirms Race Start by pulling once on the palette that is used to move up a gear, pressing thoroughly on the accelerator and releasing the brake. The engine is set automatically and the car sped away with the power maximum acceleration.

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