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Volkswagen Canada presents a program for Clean 'rather limit

After Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Hyundai-builders who are associated with the federal program RYR ', here it is the turn of Volkswagen Canada to join the parade.

Recall that the federal program provides, inter alia, an amount of $ 300 whoever frees her Ride from 1995 or less.

Thus, for purposes of marketing we see manufacturers join the dance different, offering discounts also more interesting than those offered by the federal government, which totaled as follows:

Manufacturer Rebate Program

The Chrysler bidous Ride for your $ 500 has $ 1,000

Ford Recycle Your vehicle has $ 1,000 $ 3,000

General-Motors Untitled particular $ 500 $ 3,000

Hyundai Clean Air Commitment $ 500 $ 1,000

All these discounts are conditional in the purchase or rental (if available) of a new vehicle from these manufacturers.

Here are the details of the program for Clean `` `` Volkswagen Canada


Volkswagen Offers "Green for Clean" program

Amount of up to $ 1,300 offered for the Green Car of the year

AJAX, ONTARIO - (Marketwire - Sept. 8, 2009) - As part of its offensive TDI Clean Diesel, Volkswagen Canada announced today that it would provide up to $ 1,000 more for rental or financing 0 % of the 2009 Jetta TDI Clean Diesel (sedan), "Green Car Journal's 2009 Green Car of the Year (R)" (Green Car of the year) to eligible customers "Retire Your Ride" program of the federal government to set Disposal of old vehicles.

"We believe it is time to stimulate the market and help people get rid of their old vehicles that are the main cause of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions produced by automobiles on the road today , stated John White, chairman and chief executive of Volkswagen Group Canada. We hope that the government would offer an incentive program with more energetic. When we realized that it would not be the case, we decided to go to the action in the context of our commitment "BlueMotionTechnologies" towards environmental sustainability. We are the only manufacturer in Canada that can offer as attractive to purchase the Green Car of the year offer. "

The recycling program Canadian vehicles consistent with the views of John White. Its website states that "... the vehicles of model years 1995 and anterior emit 19 times more harmful pollutants than vehicles of model year 2004 and later atmospheric". In fact, these old vehicles represent a quarter of the vehicles driven by Canadians and can generate up to half of atmospheric pollutants caused by the use of personal vehicles. "

Named "2009 Green Car of the Year (R) by Green Car Journal" last November, the 2009 Jetta TDI Clean Diesel offers customers reduced consumption by 30% compared to conventional gasoline engines and meets the emission standards highest in the world without sacrificing performance and driving enjoyment that make the fame of Volkswagen vehicles. On after the Transport Canada estimates the Jetta TDI Clean Diesel in 2009 with a six-speed manual gearbox can run over 1,100 km on the highway with a tank of 55 liters of diesel.

Eligible clients RYR can receive up to $ 1,000 of Volkswagen for the purchase or lease of the 2009 Green Car of the Year (R), in addition to the $ 300 offered by the government program.

The "Green for Clean" program Volkswagen is in force until the end of the year. All details on this offer Volkswagen are available at Volkswagen dealers in Canada or

About Ride Ride program of the federal government:

Retire Your Ride is an initiative of the Government of Canada, the Clean Air Foundation and its partners CREATED to reward drivers who withdraw from their highly polluting road vehicles. This program aims to improve the quality of the air by recycling of vehicles responsible manner and aims to retire at least 50,000 vehicles per year until 31 March 2011. Since its inception last February, 14247 vehicles were withdrawn from Canadian roads. Consumers can get more information on this program address

Visit Volkswagen Canada online and discover its BlueMotionTechnologies has

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