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Fiat takes control of the coachbuilder Bertone

Fiat seems for some time, will take the lead of companies in financial difficulties. Thus, after taking 20% ​​of the assets of Chrysler, here he takes possession of the famous Italian coachbuilder Bertone since 2005 is fighting for its survival.

This acquisition happens hath given to the two companies, will allow 1,200 employees bodybuilder to keep their jobs or consider adding new workers, which will be reserved to the production of new models Chrysler.

In addition to this takeover, Fiat intends to make investments of over 150 million euros for the next three years to get the company up at the same time modernizing the infrastructure and tools needed to assemble new products.

In the light of information obtained so far, it is clear that the agreement between manufacturers Fiat and Chrysler will have to yield results and in the shortest possible time. All, by an almost complete renewal of vehicles Chrysler North Americans, many of whom will disappear, while others will be renewed or may be become clones of Fiat models claws.

The Fiat / Chrysler file has not finished to make us see all colors.

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