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The new 2010 Acura MDX, the wife nouvlle grille house

Beyond its new grille that henceforth wife house style in the matter, the massive crossover Acura MDX edition 2010 benefited from a new 3.7-liter V6 engine reconfigure, new technologies in matters of driving aids and an interior revisits. Prices will be announced in October and will go on sale in the month of December.

For more information about it, here's an excerpt from the press release issued by Honda Canada Inc.


The Acura MDX improved considerably for 2010

Outdoor style updates, new six-speed transmission and advanced technologies

TORONTO (July 29, 2009) - The 2010 model MDX luxury SUV Acura built in Canada, offering a fresh new look and a redesigned powertrain, a new six-speed automatic transmission, a V- 6 improves, a more refined frame, comfort and technology.

"The Acura MDX is a leader in the segment of intermediate luxury SUVs, whose sales are up this year, and the new 2010 MDX is designed to strengthen its position in this segment," stated Jerry Chenkin, Vice- president of Honda Canada Inc. "The redesigned look and new powertrain, as well as all past ORIENTED technologies on the client, make the MDX a modern vehicle of choice for Canadians. "

The exterior of the 2010 MDX has a younger look and offers new features such as a unique design front grille, a new front fairing, a hood changes, new side sills, a rear fairing matches the finish of the exhaust endows Strands-rolled strip in polished stainless steel, the taillights modified teams more LEDs, many fittings and aluminum alloy wheels 19 inches in diameter has seven rays on all MDX Elite.

Driving and handling have been improved through the development of the power steering, the stabilization of the rear trailing arm bracket, improvements to the rigidity of the body and the reduction of noise, vibration and harshness. The all-wheel drive system Super Handling (SH-AWDMC) has exclusive Acura ensures a reliable connection on and off road, as well as excellent performance in winter conditions.

A inside the MDX 2010, Milano leather is used generously, steering wheel sports steering is thicker, automated manual transmission is inspired race car, the gauges are new, button placement is easier to understand and gives access to a range of functions, an electric hatchback was added and interior trim have been enhanced.

Other available features include ventilated front seats, a new navigation screen VGA 8-inch, a reverse camera has three options, an entertainment system at the rear, an audio system improves adopts a hard drive 15GB and a USB port.

The technologies that are standard elements of all MDX Elite 2010 include the latest information on the blind spot, which allows to avoid accidents by warning the driver of the vehicle adjacent to a system change track, and an active damping system with "comfort" and "sport" that provides handling a large precision while maintaining a smooth ride modes.

The Intelligent Cruise Control, which uses radar installed behind the grille to detect the speed and distance of the vehicle in front and automatically adjusts the speed in order to maintain an appropriate distance between vehicles traveling on the same route, and the system of braking impact reduction (Collision Mitigation Braking System ™), exclusiveness Acura conceived to reduce the likelihood of a collision by alerting the driver to potential collision situations and activating the brakes if the system determines that the collision can be avoided, are among the technology additional serial MDX Elite 2010.

The system support the stability of the vehicle (VSA ®) for all Acura MDX Elite has been a new development in order to improve safety and increase by 10% the performance of 'acceleration on slippery surfaces.

In 2010, the MDX will endows the new V-6 3.7-liter, VTEC ® on. The engine is faithful to the longstanding goal of which is to provide Acura engine power and torque of a V-8, while keeping the size and energy efficiency of a V-6. Building on the previous MDX engine, the new V-6 3.7 liter 300 hp improves and 270 lb.-ft. responds immediately to the acceleration and offers an exceptional couple diet and a low and medium power upper rev / min.

The V-6 3.7 liter double the all-new six-speed automatic transmission Sequential SportShift and a multi-clutch torque converter for greater acceleration, optimal fuel efficiency and driving at constant speed. The transmission offers two automatic selectors reports or can operate in manual mode using the gearshift lever of the steering wheel. The features Grade Logic Control, Shift Hold Control, Cornering G Shift Control and Hill Start Assist make the new six-speed automatic transmission the most advanced ever offered by Acura.

The MDX designed and developed in North America will be sold across Canada in early December. The award will be announced at the end of October. Acura is the luxury-performance division of Honda Canada Inc. Seven distinct vehicles (CSX, TSX, TL, RL, RDX, MDX and ZDX) are marketed under the Acura brand. The models ZDX, MDX and CSX Acura, as the best-selling car in Canada, Honda Civic, are the products of Honda of Canada Mfg. assembly plant. Alliston, Ontario.

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