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The alliance between Chrysler and Nissan is well and truly over

The two companies have each issued a statement in which they confirmed that their partnership had been confirmed last year, can not hold the road since Chrysler has seen its gerance pass under the control of Italy's Fiat.

This means among other things that Chrysler can enjoy a designed and developed based on the popular Nissan Versa, which would have been commercialized in South America as the Dodge Trazo compact car. The American company will also forego a small economical car that was to be supplied by Nissan. Finally, Nissan can replace his big truck Titan by a model developed by Chrysler, based on the full-size truck Dodge RAM.

However, the agreement signed between the two companies in 2004 that the company Jatco, a subsidiary of Nissan in Japan, which manufactures gearboxes continuously variable (CVT) is preserved.

The biggest loser

Taking into account that the models developed by Nissan for Chrysler, ultimately designed around Fiat models, and then we can say that at first, Chrysler seems to shoot pretty well. And Nissan, must see here valuable revenue slip through his fingers.

Although Nissan has not truly an urgent need to provide a full-size truck to Americans, it is the slap in the face to which it has invested huge sums to his truck Titan, without even having had time to sub therewith and having today, possibly to end this ambitious project.

But knowing the tastes and habits of motorists Americans, I think they would more easily accept to obtain a product developed by Nissan Chrysler by Fiat. I could be wrong and I hope that even otherwise, if the future even the manufacturer could then be sealed, but this time permanently.

The alliance between Chrysler and Nissan is well and truly over picture #1

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