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The rebirth of General Motors-

Although this is a record that we can consider as unenviable, General-Motors needed only 40 days to remove the protection of bankruptcy. Thus, from Friday, July 10, 2009, a new entity is born who can maintain both a name and logo.

Not out of the woods as

GM will be starting with extremely effective Deeper this at all levels. Henceforth much smaller, while remaining a great player he intends to resume the lost ground with four brands, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. The number of plants has increased from 47 to 34 in America and the number of employees continues to be reduced.

The new president, Fritz Henderson and his new managers seem to be listening to their clientele, especially one that might even join the new constructor. Good news, Bob Lutz, who had announced his intention to leave the boat at the end of 2009, after having spent 46 years in this industry in perpetual reconstruction, including the last eight years with GM, changed his mind and will remain in the administration as vice-president.

Beyond billions received by the Americans and Canadians governments, General-Motors must always and fundamentally its survival its current clientele and especially to the clientele to come, many of whom have abandoned the Big Three to turn to Asian vehicles clearly more reliable, or even to Europeans vehicles, including the German prestige, which over the years have pruned an enviable reputation across the planet, not to mention the fact that these last are largely shifted the stage of manufacturers specialized in that of generalists.

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