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Rising gasoline prices on Friday in Montreal: CAA-Quebec denounces this attitude

From 30 March to 12 June 2009, a period 11 consecutive weeks, the retailers of the great Montreal area have up to 7 times the price of gasoline at the dawn weekends. However, these increases 7, 5 of these seem unjustified, because they can not be explained by an increase in petroleum indicators on the steps.

Very high margins

In addition to deplore these increases approaching weekend, CAA-Quebec believes that margins in detail retained by retailers (which include both operating costs and profits of the retailer) during this period were for most too high. Thus, for each liter of gasoline purchased, drivers had to deal with margins ranging from 6.6 to detail and 11 cents / liter, which exceeds largely the Montreal average margin of 52 last week by 4.7 cents / liter calculated by the Regie de l'energie.            

"The behavior of the industry during these last 11 weeks Montreal assuredly raised questions. Whether we increase 7 times the price of gasoline on Friday over a period of 11 weeks, whereas this was not presented 6 times for the whole year in 2007 and 11 times in 2008, is really worrying, "says Sophie Gagnon, Senior Director, Public and Government Relations, CAA-Quebec.            

CAA-Quebec believes that increases in the price of gasoline approaching weekends have had a direct impact on consumers who take advantage of weekends to perform a larger number of displacements. "Let there be increases related to higher acquisition price for retail is understandable. However, that increases that do not materialize is another thing we anticipated. Should also suggest that the effect of these unjustified increases tenfold Friday is because these prices are too high in effect throughout the weekend, "Ms. Gagnon precise.

A stability for Quebec and Sherbrooke

Moreover, the steps of Quebec and Sherbrooke have not been keys - or little - by increases Fridays during this period. It takes more steps to associate these episodes sometimes sustained stability which, remember, are not necessarily guarantee better prices for consumers. Finally, CAA-Quebec reminds its microsite Gasoline, online at allows to quickly get the "realistic price" of each region of Quebec and also learn about the factors that influence the price at the pump.

CAA-Quebec, nonprofit organization founded in 1904, provides a one million service members and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.

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