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Porsche Panamera allows optimal production efficiency

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2010 Porsche Panamera, audacity

Porsche presents the new production and logistics of the Leipzig plant

In April 2009, production of the Panamera, the fourth range of Porsche models, began at its factory in Leipzig. In the most modern car plant to date, Porsche assemble the four-door Gran Turismo and the Cayenne sport utility vehicle on an assembly line using all latest production methods. Concurrently, Porsche has found a way to almost completely eliminate all areas of expensive storage by implementing a logistics concept quite innovative in the industry.

"I know of no other plant in the world in which the principles of lean production have been implemented as consistently at the factory in Leipzig," Michael Macht precise, board member responsible for production and logistics Porsche has journalists present at the Leipzig plant.

To make the most efficient production of major construction were required on the grounds of the factory with an area of ​​300 hectares. Porsche has invested nearly 150 million euros in the construction of a new assembly hall, a logistics center, a central control and analysis, and a training center.

A new logistics concept was developed for the production of the Panamera. A scheduling plan exact procedural involving all suppliers enables delivery of parts at a high frequency and only an hour before using them on the assembly line. This has the effect of making virtually useless expensive storage space.

Macht for the production of two types of vehicles by the same assembly line is a "stroke of genius logistics." Almost all engines for both models are sent to Leipzig by truck from the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen. The bodies partially equipped Cayenne arrive by train from Bratislava, while the Panamera shells arrive by train from the Volkswagen plant in Hanover. At the Leipzig plant, the interior of the Panamera is assembled on a chain separee assembly. When the bodies of models reach the same level of production, they are then be completed to get on the same assembly line despite countless customization options available for each range of models.

Porsche has applied coherent way the directors of a manufacturing plant has frugal Leipzig principles. The experience gained by the factory in Zuffenhausen, where Porsche has carried the early 1990s, a restructuring BASED Japanese production model has been valuable. Now Porsche Leipzig GmbH has nearly 600 employees. In addition to producing this year its 000th 250 Cayenne, the factory also produced between 2003 and 2006, 1,270 copies of the Carrera GT super sports car from Porsche. The site includes a customer center owners ultra modern running track certified by the FIA ​​and a track and field with a length of 6 km. In the biotope site of the company, 70 aurochs and a band of wild horses live a peaceful life as "guardians of the landscape."

With the Panamera, Porsche has set his sights on new groups of buyers of luxury segment. The Panamera is characterized by a high level of customer comfort, exceptional interior space, the characteristics of extremely sporty driving and low fuel consumption. It will make its arrival on the Canadian market in October. The Panamera S will be available from $ 115,100. The Panamera 4S AWD will be offered from $ 120,300 and the Panamera Turbo, the top-end model, will be available from $ 155,000. Porsche plans to sell an average of almost 20 000 copies of the Panamera annually throughout the life cycle of the vehicle.

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