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The MG brand, funny 85th birthday well

The British MG brand was founded in 1924. But since then she has problems crossing many periods or interruptions of production that we often let believe that the latter was missing in the automotive firmament. And yet she is still alive, living small and is preparing to celebrate its 85 years of existence by presenting two declinations very OPPOSITE of its convertible / roadster legendary, but served to modern.

These versions MG TF135 called entry-level and a plush version of commemorating the 85th anniversary of the brand.

Key dates in the long history of small MG:

- 1924 Birth of the MG brand

- In its infancy, the MG was a small car competition

- Its name comes from the abbreviation 'Morris Garage', Oxford dealer

- In 1952, the brand was absorbed by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) group

- Early 80's, we created the British Leyland to become the Austin / Rover Group

- The latter changes its name and becomes in turn the Rover Group in 1986

- And two years later, MG passed to British Aerospace

- In 1994, BMW acquired Rover brands / Austin / MG and Mini

- BMW has released their leaves those marks in 2000, but retains Mini

- Chinese manufacturer Nanjing acquired the rights to produce the MG

- The following year was born on cutting MG TF and follow the declination cabrio

- In January 2009, NAC MG UK was renamed MG Motor UK.

Today, approximately 10,000 units of MG cars are produced annually in China. However, since the arrival of TF models, we were able to reopen the British factory Birmington and develop the account there, new models using the same platform. The only engine available, the odds TF convertibles is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder and whose power is 135 hp.

Addition of two new models

As part of the 85th anniversary festivities of MG sports cars, the new company which is now owner or MG Motor UK, announces the imminent arrival of two new cabriolet versions of the mythical.

In a first step, at this time offers a new version of database called MG TF135. The latter is rather bare, to be offered at a price of 15 000 euros ($ 22,500 CDN).

Follow shortly, a commemorative version of obviously CALLED MG TF 85th Anniversary, edition of 200 copies only. We will recognize the latter, by its specific sports rims, three exclusive colors, the aubergine leather suspensions Bilstein Reinforced body, its anti-roll bars Eibach and its ground clearance LOWERED.

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