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Canadians have always had confidence the Toyota brand

Surveys of reliability against various automakers foissonnent everywhere across the planet. Today is the turn of the magazine Canadian edition of Reader's Digest divulge the results of its songage made from motorists, who pay unwavering confidence the Toyota brand and it has like many surveys that recognize them also the excellent products of this brand, although the latter lags back at the qualitee some of its different models, including the past two years.

Here also was the subject, the content of the press release issued by Toyota Canada Inc.


Toyota, the most trusted brand in Canada according to a survey of Reader's Digest

Canadians choose Toyota as a manufacturer of cars and SUV manufacturer whom they trust the most

TORONTO, May 19 / CNW / - confidence. Toyota Canada is working very hard to deserve those of its clients. That is why we are very proud that Toyota has been voted the brand more trustworthy in Canada in two categories - Car Manufacturer and SUV Manufacturer - according to a national survey commissioned by Reader's Digest.  

"It is a great honor and we humbly accept this important endorsement on the part of Canadians," said Stephen Beatty, Managing Director of Toyota Canada Inc.

"At Toyota, we know that trust is something we must earn - and keep Grace in particular has tried and true environmental innovations that mean savings at the pump, has a manufacture of high quality which means less cost to repair and. has a resale value unmatched in the industry when motorists are willing to go to their next Toyota, Canadians trust a Toyota for their benefit actually provide value. "

Canadians have always had confidence the Toyota brand picture #1

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