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Partnership between Pirelli and Porsche Panamera tires

From autumn 2009, the Porsche range is enriched by one of the most anticipated cars of recent years, the Panamera. Pirelli has been selected once again as technical partner with tires Summer and winter counterparts for the new vehicle. Technological innovation continues Pirelli products meet the high requirements of Porsche in matters of performance, comfort, high standards of safety and environmental concerns.

The ideal choice for the most prestigious and luxurious vehicle Porsche is the P ZERO as tire Summer and Winter Sottozero Serie II for winter.

Pirelli P ZERO: product undisputed reference in the UHP segment; counterpart on most sports cars and performance sedans; has amassed an incredible result of 9 victories in 10 tests realized by specialized journals automobile during 2008 and 2009.

Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II: the more advanced the expression of technology winter tires; specifically designed and developed to provide maximum performance in autumn and winter conditions.

Tires counterparts was

Before 245/50ZR18 (100Y) P ZERO (N0)

Rear 275/45ZR18 (103Y) P ZERO (N0)

Before 255/40ZR20 (101Y) XL P ZERO (N0)

Rear 295/35ZR20 (105Y) XL P ZERO (N0)

Winter tires counterparts

Before 245/50ZR18 100V Winter240 Sottozero Serie II (N0)

Rear 275/45ZR18 103V Winter240 Sottozero Serie II (N0)

Before 255/40ZR20 101V XL Winter240 Sottozero Serie II (N0)

Rear 285/35ZR20 104V XL Winter240 Sottozero Serie II (N0)

Note: the designation (N0) indicates that the tire meets the specifications of Porsche and is produced specifically for Porsche.

Partnership between Pirelli and Porsche Panamera tires picture #1

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