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Volvo 'The Game', a video game racing free for PC

Since last Tuesday, May 26, 2009, it is now possible to get online gambling video 'The Game' Volvo and quite free. It simply enough to visit the website of the Swedish manufacturer: and download this racing game, putting obviously featured brand cars, but not just any, including:

Volvo S60 Concept: The undisputed star of the game and thus enjoys a planetary visibility

Volvo C30 race: Bolide committed at the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC)

Volvo S60 Race: also committed to the same championship

Volvo S40 Race: Contributing grans with success in the BTCC championship

Volvo 850 Race: Memories of another era, also at the BTCC championship

Volvo 240 Turbo: A drive that has been class Group A

To realize this game, Volvo is associated with the Swedish specialist designs video games, particularly in terms of racing, the company SimBin.

'The Game' Volvo / SimBin puts in competition racing cars Volvo branded on two very different circuits. First, has the Gothenburg Eco Drive and finally the circuit Chayka near Kiev in Ukraine, much more interesting.

The little geniuses SimBin have provision for three difficulty levels:

Novice: With electronic audience has the Activated-driving

Semi-Pro: With some electronic assistance DISABLED

Pro: All audiences are disabled

According to some experts, the only downside comes from the fact that we can not play on the internet, including network.

Here is a short excerpt from the press release issued by the two companies on this game



Volvo Car Corporation and the Swedish studio of creation of video games repeatedly premium SimBin Development Team, announce that "Volvo - The Game" will be released May 26 This game will be free.

The new Volvo S60 Concept and seductive is the highlight of the range of models available in this game it will be accompanied by several well known Volvo competition. Players will engage these two cars on circuits reproduced to the smallest details.

"Volvo - The Game gives us the opportunity to present the Volvo S60 Concept has a target audience broadened," says Michael Persson, Director Global Marketing Communication at Volvo Cars. "In addition, this game allows us to expose a fascinating manner and in an unusual environment and domestic as the exterior design of our products and make the players understand how, over the years, we have worked constantly and returned to the business Our Scandinavian design. Finally,? Uvrer with such a professional team as SimBin has been a real pleasure. "

"When we Volvo Cars has developed challenge to develop a simulation game for PC Volvo race destined to a wide audience and including the new S60 Concept, we immediately jumped at the chance," revealed Henrik Roos, CEO of SimBin Studios. "Especially since it was Volvo Cars, a Swedish firm, which we requested. Two swedish companies combining their skills, it sounded decidedly good to our ears. "

Like all creations SimBin this game will sound, meticulous details, pleasure, emotion and challenges. It is structured around three levels of difficulty to seduce a wider audience, the beginner to experienced player.

And as a bonus, Volvo - The Game integrated rankings that will be published on the website of Volvo Cars ( with competitions and prizes to win when it was released.

Please note that Volvo - The Game can be downloaded for free and since 26 May.

Volvo 'The Game', a video game racing free for PC picture #1

Volvo 'The Game', a video game racing free for PC picture #2

Volvo 'The Game', a video game racing free for PC picture #3

Volvo 'The Game', a video game racing free for PC picture #4

Volvo 'The Game', a video game racing free for PC picture #5

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