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BYD cars joins the German group 'VAP'

From the outset, you know the German group 'VAP?. But in practice it just does not exist, except in my own imagination, since I defined as the combination of all recent German companies Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.

BYD, which stands for 'Build Your Dreans' is first and foremost a designer and manufacturer of lithium-ion global reputation. Moreover, it is currently the 2nd largest manufacturer of such batteries in the world. Note that the latter conceives and produces since 2003, its own vehicles for which substantially all, at least so far, not a hybrid drive.

Detroit Wolfsburg

Detroit last January, the Chinese automaker BYD unveiled the first major world its first hybrid vehicle propulsion has the e6 crossover. For its part, Chrysler had three different types of vehicles strong, but has all electric propulsion. It was thought that these two manufacturers had a vision of the future so close that many thought this most seriously and the world, a partnership between the two companies could be considered.

But we just learned that the expert of the lithium-ion battery, BYD has an agreement with Volkswagen intent to form a partnership to jointly produce a hybrid drive vehicles and all-electric. So just recently Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn and Wang Chuanfu BYD boss have signs a letter of intent to this effect.

The German manufacturer, the Chinese market which is currently the main market, obviously after that of Germany, this cooperation is of utmost importance for the latter, which could be within a couple of years, the first producer of cars in the world, and so exceeding Toyota precisely thanks to its very significant breakthroughs on all Asian emerging markets, not to mention its sensational entries in South America, as well as rating the steps of the Eastern Europe, also boiling.

For BYD, it is the agreement that could greatly benefit when it begins to export its vehicles to Europe 'Made in China' ...

BYD cars joins the German group 'VAP' picture #1

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