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GM eliminates 21,000 jobs and announces the abandonment of the Pontiac brand

The American automaker General Motors announced the elimination of 21,000 jobs in its factories by the end of next year. It also means the abandonment of the Pontiac brand as part of a restructuring to enable it to get more government aid. This announcement is contained in documents filed Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Constable of the American Stock Exchange.

In Canada, GM will reduce its workforce by more than half by 2014. The number of employees in its factories expected to rise from 10,300 in 4400.

General Motors currently survives thanks to government loans totaling U.S. $ 15.4 billion. But in order to benefit from new federal aid, the Detroit firm must fundamentally restructure. If its restructuring plan does not satisfy the government, the automaker could be forced to place themselves under the protection of bankruptcy.

Future restructuring plans include layoffs among white collar workers. The company and will reduce its network of automotive dealers 42 percent in Canada. 705 now, he would have about 400 by the end of the year.

GM Canada also wants to begin negotiations with the Canadian Auto Workers. The company is likely to require similar to those which were obtained concessions Chrysler workers.

GM eliminates 21,000 jobs and announces the abandonment of the Pontiac brand picture #1

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