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Nissan 370Z Hybrid probable output in 2011

Although the manufacturer Nissan has only just cut and we present its 370Z roadster, it appears that it intends to market by 2011, has a declination of these hybrid engine performance sports cars high.

The 3.7-liter V6 engine that develops 332 horsepower now, would be mated to an electric motor itself combines a high-performance lithium-ion battery developed by NEC corporation. All couples have a dual-clutch sequential gearbox, the number of reports yet to be determined.

The engineers of the Japanese group, PROVIDED that this new hybrid approach, this should allow a fireball rolling depending on the circumstances, in fully electric mode, especially in city traffic.

The vow piles of these, is to design a high performance sports pleasant, pretty and super car drive could still be economic. That is to say ideally achieve an average consumption of 8 li/100 km or 35 mi / g.

Nissan 370Z Hybrid probable output in 2011 picture #1

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