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KIA offers its customers a certainty in uncertain times

In this period of economic uncertainty, Kia Canada is a bold move and launches a new vehicle return program: Kia Integrity Advantage Program. It uses key elements-Innovate the leader in matters of product return vehicles, WALKAWAY Canada Incorporated. Integrity Advantage is issued by Echelon General Insurance Company, a leader in the insurance industry.            

Maria Soklis, Senior Director of Operations at Kia Canada stated: "This program assuredly touch a chord with our customers in this period of uncertainty and we are proud and excited to be the first to offer this program support for our dealers. "            

KIA Integrity Advantage Program is offered free by KIA Canada has all the customers who will lease or finance a new KIA vehicle from a dealer authorized Kia. The program will allow customers to submit their vehicle or finance leases in the first 12 months of purchase or lease, in case of difficult situations that can change their lives. The Program is void, an amount ranging up to $ 7500 reliee applicable debt financing or leasing the vehicle; more specifically, to the difference due to the financial institution and the depreciated value of the vehicle. These circumstances include the following situations and may vary by province:

-  Involuntary job loss;

-  Physical incapacity - inability to work;

-  Serious illness - anticipates settlement;

-  Death affected by a serious illness;

-  Failure of self-employed;

-  Loss of license caused by illness or deficiente preventing the drive a vehicle;

-  Professional mutation abroad. >>

Kia Canada's decision to emit and support this program reflects the commitment Kia aims to continuously exceed the expectations of customers and support the markets in which we have the privilege to work. For detailed information about the Integrity Advantage Program Kia and other innovative projects, access the website of Kia Canada (

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