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Toyota developed the first center airbag back in the world

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced that it has developed an airbag Supplemental restraint (SRS) central back-the world's first *-whose role is to help reduce the severity of injuries that can cause secondary impacts to Rear passengers in the event of a lateral collision.

Riding in a large fixed rear center console, the new airbag Team version of a Toyota model to be launched shortly in Japan. When the vehicle is hit on the side, the airbag deploys from the top of the central block and acts as a barrier that helps to reduce injuries resulting from a collision between passengers or between a passenger and the central block. 

TMC is constantly striving to develop and make available technologies to protect against collisions - which leads in particular to the rapid introduction of systems on the market SRS curtain airbags and knee protection - to allow a its vehicles to better respond to an increasing number of types of accidents.

As part of its efforts to sustainable mobility, TMC intends to strengthen its security initiatives as follows: 1) development of vehicles and even safer technologies based on the concept of integrated management of the safety of TMC * *, 2) participation in the creation of a safe traffic environment and 3) activities of public education on road safety to the complete elimination of injuries resulting from accidents, which can be consider as an ultimate goal for society that values ​​mobility.

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