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Bridgestone launches Ecopia EP100 Brand

The Ecopia tire line meets the environmentally conscious consumers

The auto show in Chicago, the largest auto show general public in North America, has lifted the curtain on its new Bridgestone Ecopia EP100, designed with respect for the environment, including the official launch marks the arrival on the market of a tire that improves the fuel economy without compromising the quality of the adhesion Wet.

"We know that consumers aspire to achieve economies of fuel while achieving optimal performance of their tires," said John Baratta, president, replacement tire for private vehicles, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (BATO). "The Ecopia EP100 tire Bridgestone is an option that dovetails naturally with the concerns of the consumer, and it is timely considering the challenges facing the current market. This tire is endowed our technology that provides the lowest rolling resistance, contributing to better fuel efficiency, a benefit that directly benefits the consumer. "

The range of Ecopia tires endorsed this very latest technology developed by Bridgestone to establish new clues low rolling resistance. Ecopia targets energy-efficient vehicles, including hybrid and electric cars, and will be used in original equipment and replacement tire.

Ecopia EP100 new Bridgestone is the first Ecopia tire line designed for the market of spare parts to scale North American. The Ecopia EP100 is the summer alternative to the popular economic vehicles and hybrid electric types such as Mini Cooper, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Nissan Versa, Toyota Corolla and a variety of classic vehicles.

Available in the indices H and V speed, the Ecopia EP100 tire Bridgestone rating 400AB UTQG classification and will be available in six different sizes for tires from 14 to 16 inches. It may be had in March, the first phase of its start which will be in two stages.

"With the Ecopia EP100, we incorporating patented technologies Bridgestone which provide low rolling resistance, comfort and quiet reliability braking and maneuverability Wet ride. These performance characteristics were developed in response to the expectations and needs we have expressed customers, "says Baratta.

The Ecopia EP100 also integrates high NanoPro-Tech technology that enhances the Bridgestone tire performance by controlling the interaction between polymers, filler products and other chemicals in the rubber used in the manufacture of the tire.

Components design Ecopia EP100 include endowed circumferential ribs 3D sculpture cuts that reduce the irregular wear and dampen noise. CCS configuration cobbled contributes to better maneuverability Wet or dry and also helps resist irregular wear. Ribs has cobbled INTERCONNECTED improve performance on wet surface and reduce the loss of energy. The side high angle grooves that are incorporated in Ecopia EP100 allow lessen the risk of hydroplaning.

Ecopia EP100 tire the Bridgestone is subject to the limited warranty of 3 years Platinum Pact, which provides free replacement tire (excluding taxes and disposal fees), within three years following the date of purchase or the four years following the date of manufacture, if the tire becomes unusable for any reason attributable to the manufacturer.

The tire is also accompanied by the 30-day warranty "Buy & Try" which ensures the consumer a full refund or the possibility of exchange if for some reason the tire does not give complete satisfaction, within 30 days purchase (proof in support stating the date of purchase). Some restrictions may apply; Consumers should contact their retailer to know the details and terms of the warranty.

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations plans to implement the technologies Ecopia EP100 is equips the next in its product lines to meet the new requirements conductors matter of rolling resistance and fuel economy.

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