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Boomerang, the most effective solutions

The number of vehicles on the road increases every year in Quebec, while the number of flights decreases slowly. But it remains that eludes us in about 450 vehicles per 100,000 inhabitants, which is staggering. Obviously, this includes motorcycles, boats, ATVs and snowmobiles, as well as heavy machinery. Except that the first row, it is lightweight cars and trucks that are stolen the most. 

In Quebec, it is the great metropolitan area of ​​Montreal, which remains the most coveted by thieves. With an extremely high number of shopping centers around its many highways, this area would be for some kind of jewel thieves. And do not be fooled, this is not the cameras monitoring the parking that has come after criminals.

A good system lock?

A Doberman? Probably. Except that your cabin is likely to suffer the consequences! And if you believe that a simple anti-starter system can stop our bandits, it is a sign that your field does not agree with dishonesty. In fact, it is generally more difficult for a thief to enter on board a vehicle to start it. Once the open car door, the game is usually won. And as the cars are not all protected in the same way that the presidential Cadillac, the best way to avoid the loss of your vehicle is in its retracement, after the flight.

To do this, the system Boomerang has none. Required by many insurance companies, generally for vehicles of great value, this device can locate a vehicle via satellite (using the Bell network) and follow his trail when in motion. Obviously, it is impossible to locate a vehicle when it is, for example, in the eighth basement storey parking, but we can nevertheless know the last place where the vehicle was located.

Boomerang, a Canadian company, owns his team in a large number of patrollers who later was the location of a vehicle, are called to follow his career until his capital. They also have the mandate to go to the place where the vehicle is locate, and monitor it until the police present themselves. Patrollers Boomerang, which trimbalent with them latest and computer paraphernalia was unmarked vehicles have also been a few times, cause the dismantling of a network of thieves. "For example, it was faced with a garage door, which was behind the vehicle repere. Except that we did not know that behind this door also found several other stolen vehicles not equipped the system Boomerang".

Secret facility

Potential customer, you will not have access to the central location, the garage or when installing the system on your vehicle. Technicians install your blind has between four and eight smaller modules, the size of a cigarette lighter in your vehicle. Thus, even if the thieves who stole your vehicle has a SHALL disassembly to pieces, it will be almost impossible to quickly locate all these modules. It will always be possible to trace the vehicle, even if it is in several places!

Looking at the list of vehicles localized Boomerang, I was surprised by the diversity of models. As trucks such as luxury Cadillac Escalade, Hummer and Porsche Cayenne are popular, especially the high vehicle series as the Toyota Yaris and Honda CR-V are popular. The technicians also told me a great popularity for Ford and Chevrolet trucks. This is also the popular F Series truck that is at Boomerang deserves the title of vehicle most often repere last summer.

Not 100%

There are two devices at Boomerang or the system Spy Spy Alert. The major difference between the two systems is that with Spy Alert, the owner of the stolen vehicle is advised even before he realized the. In the first case, it is necessary that the owner of the vehicle then finds declare his vehicle stolen.

In Boomerang, we admit that the success rate TRACKING is not 100%. But instead explains that it is impossible to be so, since 15 to 20% of flights DECLARED constitute fraud. It is easy for an owner wanting to get rid of his vehicle to take all the time necessary to find and dispose of modules identification, then his vehicle, declare before the flight.


Debourserez you $ 339 for the system Spy, and $ 499 for the system Espion Alert. Both systems can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another, but require an annual subscription to it, is not. And the subscription costs about fifteen dollars per month. I admit, it is not given. Except that it seems better to pay for something really effective, rather than a burglar system that thieves can disable a snap.

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