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The CAW union members vote Tuesday on the tentative agreement with GM

Ontario members of the Canadian Auto Workers Union of Auto Workers (CAW) begin to vote Tuesday on the tentative agreement Sunday with General Motors.

The tentative agreement contains important concessions from the CAW has to help the automaker get through the economic crisis.

Some 10,000 unionized workers in the factories of General Motors of Canada Oshawa, St. Catharines, Windsor and Woodstock are called upon to decide.

The agreement in principle depends on the assistance that can get GM to federal and Ontario governments. It also depends on a promise from General Motors Corp., The United States, maintain a 20 per cent Canadian portion of the volume of North American production.

Some industry analysts, the same as the federal Minister of Industry Tony Clement argued that the restructuring agreement does not go far enough.

General Motors of Canada is eligible to loans of up to $ 3 billion under a government bailout. The manufacturer submitted a restructuring plan last month.

The CAW union members vote Tuesday on the tentative agreement with GM picture #1

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