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Volvo Canada announces pricing for XC60

The new Volvo XC60 crossover 2010 will be available with effect from April 2009 to advise the base price of $ 45,495 detail. Axis performance, the XC60 will be alive by a turbocharged 281 horsepower and will be standard equipment in an AWD, automatic 6-speed gearbox, leather upholstery and automatic braking system City Safety low-speed, exclusivity of automotive.

With City Safety, the XC60 is the first vehicle in the world to be included in the standard equipment preventive security system has automatic braking. In addition, retailers in Canada will be able to offer City Safety system tests in a control environment for people who are interested in making a road test of the XC60.

The City Safety system can become operational at speeds of up to 30 km / h and uses laser sensors integrated near the windshield, the mirror, to detect objects located a maximum distance of 10 meters in front of XC60. If a collision with the vehicle in front is imminent and the driver does not intervene, City Safety automatically applies up to 50% of the braking power. If the difference in speed between the XC60 and the vehicle in front is less than 15 km / h, it is possible that the collision is avoided. If the difference in speed between 16 and 30 km / h, the objective is to reduce as much as possible the severity of the collision.

"The collisions occurring less than 30 km / h are unfortunately very frequent, said Jeff Pugliese, President and Director General of the Volvo Cars of Canada. In fact, up to 75% of all collisions occur in such slow speeds. Search Volvo Collision also highlights that in about half of all collisions at low speed, the driver performs no braking or no avoidance maneuver. It is at this level that City Safety can play an important role to improve road safety in Canada. "

Pugliese added that situations or City Safety could take office include driving in heavy traffic, parking lots and following another vehicle engaging in an intersection. Besides the damage to the structure and the body occasioned by such a low speed collision, the occupants of both vehicles are also exposed to the syndrome of whiplash may require medical attention protracted.

Pugliese said: "City Safety is a system which has advanced technology takes office abruptly at the last possible second when a collision is imminent. But if the driver brakes, accelerates or turns the steering wheel, City Safety does not come on. It is designed to act only after having determined that the driver reacts to avoid any imminent collision. "

Style and performance at the Swedish

When City Safety represents a major step in matters of research and development of automotive safety, the XC60 also represents the next step in the evolution of the company in matters of design. Being more expressive, the XC60 has been stylized to create a significant presence routiere with a combination of elements of concave and convex body, a brand logo prominent Volvo iron grille, a pronounced shoulder, a dynamic profile, light LED front position immediately recognizable and taillights quite unique.

Profile, the lower half of the XC60 is imbued with the rigorous performance range of XC vehicles of the company while the glass dome was a comic image of a cut.

On the inside, there is a elegant console - including the thinned central panel and floating now characterizes the Volvo range - slightly tilted to the driving position. The rear seats fold 40/20/40 distribution has a flat and passenger front seat can also be folded to broaden the possibilities of loading. As for the clientele who wishes to customize their vehicle, it can control the XC60 with leather seats in single or dual tone.

The motor skills selected for the XC60 is a turbocharged six-cylinder in-line 3-liter 281 horsepower and provides 400 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to an automatic transmission with Geartronic six reports and AWD with Instant Traction.

Standard upscale features include 18-inch wheels, the electronic air conditioning has two areas, heated front seats and satellite radio reception.

The list of standard safety features can be divided into three categories: personal safety, safety preventive and protective safety. In terms of personal safety are the characteristics such as alarm system, laminated glazing and Home Safe and Approach lighting that illuminates the perimeter of the vehicle to help the driver see the dangers that may be present. The preventive security begins with the City Safety system and includes auxiliary braking as ABS and electronic brake distribution, dynamic stability control and traction, headlight washers and Volvo roll-over protection system.

The protective safety systems help occupants in a collision. The XC60 includes very many systems, including a body structure composed of four different grades of steel has high resistance to help distribute the energy of the collision around the cabin, a full set of airbags and front and lateral curtain airbags, the system Volvo Whiplash Protection, the system of protection against lateral impact and telescopic steering column.

List of options

Options installed in factory for the XC60 are separated into three groups which can graft several other independent options.

The Tech Package ($ 4,100) includes collision avoidance system of Volvo (CAS). It consists of an adaptive cruise control system that uses a radar speed to maintain a preset time interval with respect to the vehicle ahead; a Collision Warning with Auto Brake that in action at higher speeds the limit of City Safety, which warns the driver of an imminent collision and carries up to 50% of the braking power in the absence of a reaction of part of the driver. The aussie group includes a warning lane change; a control system of the concentration of the driver that monitors the path of the vehicle between the marks of the road signs to determine if the driver is distracted or drowsy; and a warning distance visually alerts the driver if the time interval relative to the vehicle in front is less than the minimum predetermine.

Tech group also includes information about blind spots running a base camera and an interactive system with personal security keyless system that allows to determine a distance of 100 meters if the vehicle is locked or unlocked, if the alarm system was active and, through a sensitive microphone - if a human heart beat is detected inside the vehicle. And to complete the Tech Group, Retractable Side View Mirrors and a sound system that includes 12 Premium Sound loudspeakers DynAudio the Surround Dolby Pro Logic II and a digital amplifier 650 watts.

Luxury Group ($ 3,050) adds attributes as the active Four-C Chassis Volvo allows the driver to choose between three suspension settings for a firmer ride (or more comfortable), directional headlights that swivel up to 15 degrees in reaction to the position of the steering wheel and the speed of the vehicle, the audible park assist front and rear, rain sensor for the windscreen wipers, and rear seats heaters or rear seats has two integrated booster positions.

And finally, the Convenience Package ($ 2,100) includes Homelink, security lock the doors back, adjustable steering a sensible speed setting for grocery bags, air quality sensor is inside the porter was opening rear remote control, the independent locking trunk and sunglasses holder, plus a motion sensor mass and a level sensor connected to the alarm of the vehicle system that reacts to the movement inside the vehicle or uplift of the front or rear of the vehicle.

Standalone options include integrated booster seats has two positions ($ 500), the navigation system is DVD based ($ 2,500) and the panoramic sunroof ($ 1,800).

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