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Saleen is no more!

When Saleen opened its doors in 1984, hopes were allowed. The company, founded by Steve Saleen, a talented racer, became well know for his Mustang changed. In 2004, Saleen Inc. was purchased by a group of investors, issue bring some liquidity. But differences of opinion have brings Steve Saleen left in 2008 to form another company, SMS Limited.

In September, several websites spoke setbacks Saleen. Although at that time the leaders of the company in Troy Michigan had tried to minimize the facts (at that time, it was the same issue that Saleen is acquiring the Chrysler Viper line), things are particularly precipitated with last days.

In February of this year, Saleen became the property of MJ Acquisitions even if the models S7 and remained at Saleen Raptor S5S Inc. But we must believe that these two models are difficult to sell in these days, have not been sufficient to Saleen to live. The small manufacturer had no link with Ford and its network of dealers to distribute its essential element Mustang changed. Moreover, there is nothing left Saleen since last winter then had held an auction which allowed to sell, among other things, 20 Mustang GT 2008 brand new.

Saleen therefore closes its doors, leaving plan all owners of its cars. In fact, all cars sold before the acquisition by MJ Acquisitions February 2, 2009 are no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty. And if we look at the few Saleen we conducted, the owners much needed warranty ... Besides the resale value of these cars should take a beating. Note that some creations Saleen will perhaps value over time. We'll see!

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