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CCAQ and Kidney Car: 10 years of constructive partnership

Ten years already! In 1998, the CQAF joined to the Canadian Kidney Foundation as a partner of the Kidney Car Program which aims to collect old vehicles to raise funds for various programs The Kidney Foundation of Canada as research on kidney disease, patient services and promoting organ donation.            

In addition to helping people with kidney disease, the program contributes to withdraw routes Quebec old cars, which are more polluting to the environment and dangerous to the safety of motorists.            

In 2008, the Foundation has raised 5,261 vehicles for scrapping, carrying a 53,409 vehicles since the inception of the program. In 2008, quebecois dealers sold more than 428.016 new light vehicles and heavy trucks and nearly 200,000 used vehicles so that they can concretely contribute to the awareness of several motorists mission Kidney Car program.            

If a car wreck can help save a life or serve to improve the quality of life of a person suffering from a kidney disease, none of our members are reluctant to promote Kidney Car to their customers and the general public . Thus they reach two goals: to contribute to the success of the program and the environmental protection. CCAQ is proud of the commitment of its members to align themselves to this noble cause, year after year, tells me Jacques Bechard.

Nonprofit organization founded in 1945, has 850 CQAF dealers franchise holders of a manufacturer, which are rightly among the most generous and socially engaged citizens. In total, it is estimated that the financial contribution of the members of the CQAF for works or community associations character rises annually has more than $ 6 million.

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