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Appointee best Infiniti luxury brand in Canada for its Residual values

Nissan Canada wins awards residual value in four categories, more than any other manufacturer -

Hardly a day after having communicated once again record annual results in terms of sales, Nissan Canada Inc. (NCI) is pleased to accept awards from ALG Nissan and Infiniti brands. ALG officials have indeed announced yesterday that they had made Infiniti winning first price Residual Value (Residual Value Award) for all luxury brands. According to ALG, Infiniti has received this award because of the residual value of its vehicles which is "always excellent, which follows from its very competitive price and its superior quality."

"This award represents the quality and value of the entire Infiniti range of products," stated Wendy Durward, Director, Dealer Operations, Infiniti Canada. "The residual value is an important reflection of the excellence of an automotive brand, and we are delighted to rank first in the category of luxury cars. "

Nissan Canada Inc. also deserves prices residual value in four segments, more than any other manufacturer. ALG crown Maxima (big car), the GT-R (Luxury Sports Car), Rogue (small utility vehicle) and Murano (utility vehicle medium) in their respective category.

"We are very proud to be recognized in four different categories, which represent the diversity of our range of vehicles," stated Jeff Parent, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, NCI. "After another record year in sales for Nissan Canada, these awards demonstrate that in addition to exciting new Canadians want to buy products, we also offer long-term value. "

ALG awarded first prize residual value of a Canadian vehicles of model year 2009 after having evaluated the competing products in each segment, the earlier performance of vehicles and trends within the industry, and, according to analysis taking into account specific data in Canada. For more information on ALG, please visit its website at the address

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