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Acura, vehicles are among the safest

Each year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an American non-profit organization that conducts independent crash tests to contribute to reducing the number of deaths caused by road accidents. The IIHS communicates thereafter the results of its tests to auto insurers. However, this year we learned that all vehicles Acura brand, a division of upscale Honda products have received within dimension 'Top Safety Pick'. This means that vehicles which receive such an honor, have successfully passes crash tests of this organization, they are frontal, lateral or from the rear of the vehicle.

To learn more about the so-called tests of this organization, here is the press release issued by Honda / Acura Canada.


Acura realized a big first in the history of crash testing in the U.S.

All Acura vehicles receive the best odds safety

TORONTO, Dec. 1 / CNW / - For the first time in the history of tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the United States, an automotive brand has received the prestigious rating "TOP SAFETY PICK" for each vehicle in its range. Luxury sedans and SUVs 2009 Acura realized this feat in matters of security in all receiving the best possible score for each test by the IIHS crash leads.            

"The vehicles that we attribute to the word" TOP SAFETY PICK "to illustrate the frontal crash test, side and rear. They are also equipped with an electronic device stability, a vital technology that can help drivers avoid a many collisions, simply, "he says Adrian Lund, president of IIHS. "The feat Acura means that, regardless of the Acura model they choose, buyers get the best protection for the types of collisions occurring most frequently in reality."            

Acura is the feat all the more impressive that the IIHS announced that assigns a brand new luxury performance sedan Acura TL 2009, the best odds safety ("good") in each category, including the impact test before decale, test and lateral collision protection in the event of rear collision. Launched in October, the new 2009 TL performance sedan is the best-selling luxury Acura. "Safety is an essential feature of every Acura vehicle we design and manufacture," stated Jerry Chenkin, Executive Vice President of Honda Canada Inc. "We are proud to be the first Acura brand to merit such a distinction in matters Security. "            

In addition, all vehicles 2009 Acura got the highest marks in tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for frontal collisions, the most frequent type of accidents. These highly rated safety in the event of collision ARISING directly from the Acura strategy whose theme the security through innovation (for "Safety Through Innovation"), which is part of Acura's commitment to occupy a position preponderant in terms of security. Each model built by Acura aims to offer a high degree of protection to the occupants and increase the "compatibility" in a collision with other vehicles, regardless of their size or weight.            

Standard equipment for all models includes 2009 Acura structure Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE ™) and other safety devices, such as system support the stability of the vehicle (VSAMC), the front airbags two stages and two thresholds, lateral airbags with detection system of the position of the occupant, the lateral curtain airbags, the system active headrest restraint before and system monitoring tire pressure.

The ACE ™ body structure Acura is designed to absorb the energy of a frontal collision, while minimizing the phenomenon of "embedding" or "overlap" that can occur in a frontal collision with vehicles of different weight or different sizes. The ACE ™ body allows to transfer the energy of a frontal collision with upper and low structural elements, including the frame rails of the chassis, the front lateral beams and uprights. These pathways contribute to stress specially designed leave impact forces of a frontal collision at a greater percentage of the total structure of the vehicle and away from the cockpit.            

The IIHS is a non-profit U.S. organization that conducts independent testing to contribute to reducing the number of deaths caused by road accidents. The IHHS then communicates the results of its tests to auto insurers. The IIHS evaluates the vehicles since 1969, and although its crash tests are similar to those conducted by the NHTSA, it uses OFFSET barriers rather having exactly the same width as the vehicle. Given the analysis carried out after the tests, the IIHS gives vehicles one of these four dimensions of security in the event of collision: good, fair, just and satisfactory enough. For more information about the IIHS and the results of its evaluations on vehicles, please visit website (in English only).

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