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Drivers make more errors talking on the cell to a passenger

A small study found that drivers make more mistakes when driving talking on hands-free cell phone than when talking with a passenger in their car.

Frank Drews, a professor of psychology at the University of Utah, examines the performance of 41 drivers who were paired with a friend with whom they had a conversation. Men and women were equally represented among the participants, whose average age was 20 years, said the professor.

Among those talking on cell phone, reduced vigilance is significant, has he said in an interview. In contrast, those who spoke a passenger led, in most cases, as well as when driving alone has added the researcher.

The results of the study, conducted using a simulator of a multi-lane highways, were published Monday in the December issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

Participants drivers were instructed to leave the simulated highway once arrived in a situated approximately 13 kilometers from their starting point routiere halt. Their partners were also made aware of this destination. As for the subject of the conversation partner was instructed to speak of an event which he had never done before state, and in which his life had been threatened.

When the conversation partner spoke by cell phone from another place, drivers drove significantly worse than drivers talking to a partner sitting in the car beside them.

Cellular users were more likely to deviate to the inside of their lane while driving, and they were four times more likely to miss out they had been told to take, has observed Drews.

In addition, the partners inside the vehicle commented circulation, some reminding the driver that he had arrived at the bus stop and had to take the exit. "Obviously, someone on the phone celulaire can not do that," notes Professor Drews.

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