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Ford is developing a new device to control speed

The automaker Ford Motor announced Monday that it would introduce soon in its vehicles a device to control the speed for young drivers.

"We talked to many parents and we decided to launch this system to help young people to drive more safely, save fuel and to allow parents to have their heads in peace," informs the holder word of Ford Canada, Christine Hollander.

The device is a computerized chip that is inserted in the device and that will limit the speed to about 130 km-h. Parents can program MyKey for a beep is emitted as soon as the vehicle reaches 72 km-h, 88 km-h and 106 km-h in order to indicate to the person driving it is going too fast.

The first vehicle to feature the MyKey system should be the 2010 Ford Focus, launches next year. The spokesman for Ford in the United States, Wes Sherwood, added that the device will be available for all vehicles Ford, Lincoln and Mercury over the next year.

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