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Lightning GT, driven by four in-wheel motors

The Americans have their high-performance fully electric roadster engine, the Tesla. Now, however, the British, through the latest edition of the London Motor Show, we do discover a small manufacturer with long teeth that presents us his latest achievement, the Lightning GT.

This long to any British GT wisely aggressive lines reminds us unshaded phlegm associated with sports cars, high performance English, represented by the Jaguar and Aston Martin brands. Designed and developed by the Lightning Car Company Co., this high-performance sports car has the peculiarity of being propelled by four in-wheel motors, which allows him to become the sport coupe has both the most efficient and most environmentally-friendly of hour.

Despite its very generous dimensions, this section benefited a pleasantly surprising lightness by using a fully tubular frame and especially a composite body materials made of carbon fiber and kevlar.

The Lightning GT is powered by four in-wheel motors 'Hi-Pa Drive' places in the hub of each. Each engine develops 175 horsepower. At four, this allows it to achieve an insane power of 700 horses, available instantly at startup. The motors are powered by powerful batteries 'NanoSafe' with a maximum range of 300 km. The recuperation of energy can be managed by the brake system up and divided in each wheel.

Batteries NanoTitanate type have a life span of twelve years. Even after over 15,000 refills, they still retain 85% of their power. Another peculiarity of these very interesting past, they can be recharged in just 10 minutes and thus allow you to enjoy an additional autonomy. To do this, just simply plug it into a household electrical outlet.

Performance rating, the manufacturer promises that her baby gates intended for children of the planet, but have some respect for the environment, may overthrow the 0-100 km / h in just five seconds and reach a top speed of 210 kmh.

If all goes well and the game plan of the manufacturer is progressing as planned, this car would normally be available from next year. It will be made entirely by hand plan to respond to the good wills of its future owners. Its price would be around 200 000 euros ($ 300,000).

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