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Tips for safe summer driving Safety Scholars Canada

Students can submit their videos to by September 1

In keeping with the desire to educate students of the country the importance of safe driving, Safety Scholars Canada calls for the production of the best movie video on road safety in Canada. The contest "Scholars of the security" of, presented by Bridgestone Canada, is designed to encourage students to explore all aspects of road safety - of speeding the use of a cell phone while driving - and produce a video film 25 seconds. Winners will receive one of three $ 5,000 scholarships. Safety Scholars Canada hope to give young filmmakers the chance to create while helping to convey driving tips that can prove to be helpful to drivers of all ages. One of the main ways to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and also one of the easiest is to maintain your tires:

-  Inflate: Check your tires regularly using a tire pressure gauge to ensure adequate tire pressure. Visual examinations can help, but can also be misleading. A tire under-inflated by 10 lb / in (2) presents little visible difference from a well inflated tire. A tire can lose one pound per square inch per month in regular driving conditions. The recommended inflation pressure is indicated on the door jamb and Surle owners manual.

-  Rotate your tires every 8,000 km. This will promote a uniform tire wear.

-  Control: place a coin a hundred in the tread of the tire. If the Queen's crown is visible is that the tread is worn and that your tires need to be replaced.

Other easy tips to follow during your trips this summer:

-  Be careful not to overload your vehicle. Excessive loads can taint the reaction of your vehicle under normal driving conditions.            

-  Wet weather, are planning your braking. Before a turn, slow down and apply the brakes gently.            

-  Check your windshield wipers and the level of your washer before beginning a trip.           

Now that summer is in full swing, many students take the road, sometimes for the first time. So why road safety would not it part of the curriculum of summer? Car accidents are responsible for more deaths in North America, youth 16 to 21 years than any other cause of death. The contest video Safety Scholars Canada is a great way to give students the chance to think road safety while using their talent and creativity to produce an entertaining and informative original document. The contest "Scholars of security" is available in Canada through Bridgestone Firestone Canada Inc. (BFCA) to promote road safety and education for young people. To participate, you must have 16 to 21 years old, be resident in Canada and authorizes detain a valid driver's license. It must also be registered as a full-time student in an institution of high school, college or university or from a trade school ACCREDITEE. Official regulations meme that all the details of registration, eligibility and pricing are available on

Youth from across Canada have until September 1 to enter their video film

Signed an initiative Bridgestone Firestone Canada Inc.

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