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Aveo, Fit, Yaris and after ...

Aveo, Fit, Yaris and after ... picture #1

Volkswagen Polo, not always in the shadow of Golf

It is no longer a secret to know that America, the term 'Think Big!' Not only out of favor, but is likely to be replaced by the expression 'Small is Beautiful' that we hear more from our dear neighbors.

At first it was believed that the fluctuations in the price of black gold up to new heights, would have because of all that is big and especially greedy. But here appears an even more insidious enemy, the economic crisis is still upset everything and it has the speed of lightning, not only among U.S. nationals, but also at home or around the world.

Although sales of large vehicles had already montrees signs of fatigue, even a certain stagnation, the crisis plunges all global automakers a review has great speed 'V', their different schedules that henceforth no longer hold up . Already, several of them accuse huge loss has cost billions of dollars, including odds makers General Motors, Ford and Chrysler where the fateful word 'bankruptcy' glue them increasingly to the skin.

But in recent years, our neighbors to the south have a new breed of overdrafts CALLED subcompact cars, offered at a very reasonable price, readily accommodating four passengers and their luggage. Moreover, these last have the same amenities offered in larger, such as the air conditioned, electric windows, automatic door unlock and so on. Finally, they discover they are economes on gasoline and in turn, more ecological. But low or hurts most is the fact that these cars subcompact category are named Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio and Toyota Yaris. General-Motors offers only small car of this size, the Chevrolet Aveo are designed and manufactured in South Korea. Its clone, the Pontiac G3 Wave is only available in Canada, at least for now.

But things could change dramatically, given the crisis which could be with us for a few years. Thus, beyond the announced cars with hybrid engines, plug-in hybrids, all electric or fuel cell, manufacturers will also focus on smaller vehicles, propelled by atmospheric engines of small cars.

Most automakers around the world have already small economic cars, including three American manufacturers, they offer on the various Asian and European automotive markets, as well as for some of them, the steps of the America South and Eastern Europe, are of paramount importance. In addition, we will see very soon to the creation of new niche sub-compact cars and small urban luxury or upscale tres, including models that come to graze the Mini Cooper and Smart Fortwo, which for the moment remain alone in their respective bubble.

To better illustrate this table small economical cars could come find buyers in North American soil, here is a short description of a dozen of them who possess the qualities undeniably can meet the aspirations of more and more drivers in America.

To better guide you in terms of dimensions of these last, I present you some examples of models currently available to us, accompanied by their respective length (mm). Note that all these cars have a lower total length is 4,000 mm, with the exception of Chevrolet Aveo / Pontiac Wave sedan, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent and Toyota Yaris sedan.

Chevrolet Aveo 5P (3920) Chevrolet Aveo 4D (4310) Honda Fit (4105)

Hyundai Accent 3P (4045) Hyundai Accent 4P (4280) Kia Rio5 (3990)

Kia Rio 4p (4240) Mini Cooper (3699) Smart (2695)

Toyota Yaris 3/5 P (3825) Toyota Yaris 4D (4300)

* Length registered (mm).

Here are 12 very interesting little cheeky

Audi A1 Sportback Concept (3990 mm)

Closer to reality than that, you die. In Tokyo, we had the right to

 model three-door cut and very recently in Paris, it revealed us a hatchback version five doors, still in concept form. If a Detroit, we are not unveiled the model of series, it can be expected to be in March at the Geneva show. It will be assembled in Brussels in 2009, the beginning of a European marketing in 2010.

Fiat 500 (3545 mm)

Although the return to America of the Alfa-Romeo is postponed, we talk all the same and more of the arrival of the little Fiat 500, this iconic Italian. Currently, she wreaks havoc around the different markets Europeans, so much that even a SUCCESSFUL to sell other models of the brand. Its four-cylinder 1.4-liter 100 horsepower engine responds to the call.

Ford Fiesta (3920 mm)

Currently, it is preparing to assemble a Cuautitlan plant in Mexico to serve the North American market. At first, it will be offered in a hatchback versions 3 and 5 doors. A third declension follow, but we do not yet know whether it will be a sedan or a crossover compact vehicle. Cote mechanical, expect the Detroit to know more.

Ford KA (3580 mm)

It should not come to America, but now says it will join the six other models of Ford Europe, which will serve the development of new products manufactured in the United States. Its dimensions place it between the Smart Fortwo and its big sister, the Fiesta. Soil Europeen, it has three engines. For us, it should use the 4L engine 1.4-liter 100 hp.

Hyundai i20 (3940 mm)

In Europe, Hyundai new models are now identified by the letter 'i' (i10, i20, i30). If it was up to me, I would take the decision on the field, to bring this subcompact in America and in the shortest possible time. It is far better prepared to face the Fit and Yaris hatchback, our steps than is currently the Hyundai Accent rear opening. Later, you will add a sedan ...

Mazda2 (3885 mm)

Although it still bears his title of 'World Car of the Year 2008', the arrival of this little subcompact in North America remains uncertain. Having served as a platform to the development of the new Ford Fiesta, it could be that she may one day come to us, through the same assembly plant that last Mexican soil. But it might not be available before 2012.

Mitsubishi Colt (3870 mm)

She has just received a slight facelift, while inheriting the new grid house 'Jet Fighter', which appeared for the first time on models Lancer. Its dimensions are very close to those of the Chevrolet Aveo5. Three engines available in Europe, the four-cylinder 1.5-liter that develops 100 horsepower, would suit the needs of its new clientele.

Scion xD (3930 mm)

This time, we talk about the coming of a new brand of vehicles in Canada in 2010. Scion Toyota models are the xB, xD and tC. The xD is the model sub-compact family hatchback version offered five-door. Its habitability is very generous despite its size and versatile dimension is pleasantly surprising. Its four-cylinder 1.8-liter engine develops 128 horsepower.

Subaru Justy (3610 mm)

It has inherited a new body last year and is henceforth developed under the yoke of Toyota and Daihatsu more precisely its division, which for the occasion has used the elements of the model Boon. Personally, I would be very surprised to see this car across the Atlantic, at least in its current frame. But Subaru can henceforth count on Toyota to unearth a small car for America.

Suzuki Swift (3760 mm)

Look well, because the latter is a serious candidate to make a triumphant return to North America. Available in versions hatchback three and five doors, she has the mouth of employment and especially a specification that eclipse the outset of the Swift +, produced in South Korea. Its four-cylinder 1.6-liter 110 horsepower engine can easily compete with the best in its category.

Toyota IQ (2980 mm)

The Smart Fortwo has only to behave themselves, especially as the Toyota IQ can accommodate up to four passengers rigor, against only two for Smart. IQ also provides a more ingenious versatility. Production will commence shortly and is expected to start in marketing Europe at the end of 2009. Yes, there is talk that this Lilliputian is available to us, but no date is mentioned ...

Volkswagen UP! (3450 mm)

She wants to become the new 'People's Car', as had been the fabulous Beetle and takes every means to get there. Cote dimensions, it is interposed between the Smart Fortwo and Toyota Yaris hatchback. So a city that will face the highway. It will be available in versions hatchback three and five doors. Its original engines two and three cylinders will be placed at the back.

And this is just the beginning

With the economic crisis that is currently affecting all manufacturers are working to develop more economic and Greenest vehicles, including the so-called prestigious brands. Audi has its small A1, BMW speaks of a micro car called City and Mercedes-Benz could one day give the green light to export its small car class A. Even the luxury car division of the major manufacturers, such GM / Cadillac, Ford / Lincoln, Toyota / Lexus and others are studying the possibility of offering compact and sub-compact vehicles of luxury ... 

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