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VW Scirocco, small opening to America

For many Europeans and baby boomers Quebecois, the Scirocco name evokes a wonderful era, even a mythical name who gives life to a new breed of sports cuts a 2 +2 configuration, which could accommodate four passengers, including their luggage.

The cup has the Europeenne

The Volkswagen Scirocco is taken to the streets in 1974 and boyfriend left the bitumen in 1992, eighteen years later. Only two generations were born, the first has elapsed between the years 1974 and 1980, while the second extends from 1981 to 1992. More than 800,000 units were produced of this seductive claw cut by the famous Italian coachbuilder Giugiaro

Contrary to popular belief, this section has never been a declination of Golf, simply because the latter made his first appearance a few months later. This did not prevent the two cousins ​​left buttock share many mechanical Elements, some engines. The term convergence was nee ...

Back to the Future

After sixteen years of uninterrupted silence, the Volkswagen Scirocco reborn and we was unveiled in the Auto Show in Geneva, and after having been presented as a concept vehicle, two years earlier in Paris, under the name of Iroc Concept. The mistresses of the new cut lines are reminiscent of those of the original cut.

At its beginnings, the Scirocco Cup proposed four different engines including registered powers ranged between 50 and 110 horses. Today, the models available in Europe reveal powers that vary between 122, 160 and 200 horsepower, not to mention the TDI engine has 140 horsepower version.

Visee on America

At the unveiling of the new Scirocco, journalists present at the press days, including Americans and Canadians were mouth bee houses, hearing the leaders of Volkswagen at this press conference, announcing that this beautiful sport 2 cup + 2, would not be available in America, given the investments required to comply with safety standards and especially environmental, including Californian soil, target the market for such a fireball.

It goes without saying that the pressures are the most beautiful of the leaders of North Americans brand and dealers to this section come. Although no decision was taken on the officiellen'ait coming or not Scirocco Cup in America, it appears according to Automotive News, we may have a right version Special Edition, which we would be offered a very limited circulation. And once again, we do not talk at all if it will be available in Canada or not, knowing that our work remains a trailer on the other ... 

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