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Volkswagen returns assemble vehicles in America

In 1988, the German industrial group Volkswagen proceeded to close its situated in Westmoreland United States assembly plant. The latter was opened ten years earlier to produce a design models Rabbit (Golf in Europe) for local markets. Volkswagen manufacturing products would henceforth be in Puebla Mexico. Any decision for a manufacturer who celebrated this year's his 50th birthday presence in American soil.

This decision was strictly business one of the main factors responsible for the great disenchantment of the American clientele at the place of products of this brand. In addition do not forget that in parallel, Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda came to settle in the United States and Canada, to produce several models for the North American market, the Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla. Quite a bargain for the latter, in order to evade government quotas and mainly produce cars in a country that the dollar was well below that of the Japanese yen.

Appreciate the high value of the euro

If at that time, the decision of the leaders of Volkswagen had been a major rebuff to the place of union, powerful and greedy leaders, here is the return of the giant Wolfsberg will be in a very different context. This time, so we will imitate the gesture of Japanese in the years '80, settling in the United States to counter the very high value of the euro relative to the dollar (45%) and can be rekindle the flame of patriotic Uniens States to the place of Volkswagen products, in particular.

A multifunctional factory

The choice of leaders is headed straight for the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Several other cities have offered tax reliefs to the German giant to draw on its territory. This huge complex of more than 1,350 acres, require disbursed more than a billion dollars. Of its opening, normally planned in 2011, beyond the 2,000 employees will find work with an initial annual production could exceed the 150,000 units.

The first car will be assembled here, is the NMS (New Midsize Sedan) or if you prefer the successor of the current Volkswagen Passat for North America. This ultra modern and especially multifunctional plant will also assemble a diverse and even disparate products. We know at least one other vehicle will be assembled in the factory, but the choice of the latter remains to be determined. Recently, Porsche has acquired 51% stake in Volkswagen and is preparing to do the same with the Audi division. Here is a new dynamic that could brings some vehicles from Audi and Porsche be assembled in this ultra modern factory.

In 2007, Volkswagen sold 530,600 units on the steps Americans (U.S., Canada and Mexico). By 2018, we want to reach 800,000 units.

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