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GM discusses the possibility to add a third assembly line in Oshawa

General Motors of Canada and the Ontario government are discussing the possibility of adding a third car assembly line has its Oshawa plant, revealed Wednesday the Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Trade Sandra Pupatello. Discussions on this subject held a "very high level," said Pupatello.

"We try to find the best time, because if we really have the opportunity to add a new automobile product, it will be in a few years and there will be a period between the date of estimated closure assembly line vans and the launch of a new vehicle, "said she said.

After these first discussions, the next step will be to talk with "people who are responsible for North American production, which are some of the decisions," she has said. Last week, GM announced the stop of production of trucks in 2009 its Oshawa, citing rising gasoline prices, which has reduced the demand for a high consumption vehicles like trucks. The plant employs 2,600 people. Since the announcement, workers installed a barricade at the Canadian head office of the company Oshawa.

GM filed Tuesday seeking an injunction in Superior Court of Ontario against Local 222 union Canadian Auto Workers for the emergence or barricade. By the same occasion, the company seeks compensation of $ 1.5 million for damage to the local and section five of its members, including its president, Chris Buckley. The union said do not be surprised of the approach taken by the company to lift the barricade, but suddenly surprised even GM reclame of such an amount. Mr. Buckley, the plant continues to operate during the protests. The company says, however, that the staff of the head office was unable to work because of the barricade.

Mr. Buckley contends that the demonstration at the headquarters of General Motors of Canada is a plot, and will continue to be a plot, peaceful way. The Chairman of the Board of the Local, Keith Osborne, has also said that if the union sees order to lift the barricade, he will manifest elsewhere. "The fact that they force us to lift the barricade does not mean that everything is complete and the union has abandoned," said Mr Osborne. The GM spokesman, Steve Low, explained that the company has tried to work with the CAW and will continue to do so, but she had no choice but to take legal action.

"The union has told us repeatedly that the barricade would be exercised, but this has not happened, has says Low. Places we have been in such a position that we had no recourse other than the judicial proceedings . This is not our favorite method, but right now, this is the only thing that will allow our employees to return to work at the desk. "

CAW representatives were congregated Wednesday morning in Toronto with union attorneys.


Jun 11, 2008 4:14 p.m.


By Joshua Clipperton and Jessica McDiarmid


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