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Subaru Canada unveils its 2009 lineup Legacy

An ideal solution for drivers desiring to combine sports power and driveability

Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) is pleased to announce that the 2009 Legacy line will arrive very soon in the market, including the recent 2009 Legacy PZEV Legacy 3.0R Limited new sedan and Legacy 3.0R Premier Package. Offering a range of new features, excellent fuel economy, and safety of occupants premium level, the Legacy is an excellent choice for drivers and their families in search of an ultra crew vehicle. The range of models Legacy 2009 decline in five versions: the Legacy PZEV (sedan and wagon), the 2.5i Touring (sedan and wagon), the 3.0R Limited (sedan), 3.0R with Optimum (sedan) group, and 2.5GT spec.B (sedan).

Each Legacy model 2009 automatic gearbox has four or five reports, is henceforth provided SPORTSHIFT function. Each model in the 2009 range now offers an audio channel receiver with pre-integrated SIRIUS satellite radio, and accompanied a three-month trial subscription. Each Legacy, except the PZEV provides a powerful channel premium audio Harman Kardon nine-speaker (385 watts to 440 watts sedans and the Family). Given the intense interest in this newcomer, the PZEV version provides a series of adjustable driver's seat has electric and heated front seats. For cuvee 2009, the model is also available with a manual transmission.

The series of equipment 2.5i Touring Package now includes steering wheel and gear shift knob leather sheaths and the remarkable control system dynamics Subaru vehicle. The 2.5GT spec.B inherited for its share of new layers of leather seats. Legacy 3.0R models new Limited and 3.0R Premier Package are equipped for their part of the dynamic control of the vehicle; a direct control automatic transmission 5-speed electronic SPORTSHIFT with pulse controller and shift paddles built into the steering column; of disc brakes larger size; of exterior body color mirrors with integrated LED turn signal lights; of aerodynamic effects fringed trim has chrome floor; alloy wheels 17 inch style "grand touring" pavement of 215/45/17 tires; and a steering wheel and gear lever and handbrake leather sheaths. 2009, with the 3.0R Premier Package also offers a new navigation system.

"With the outbreak of gasoline prices, the Legacy becomes an even more choice for consumers," said Katsuhiro Yokoyama, president of the board and chief executive officer of SCI. "The Legacy is an excellent vehicle for families who want the security and confidence of integral traction without the outrageous consumption of a traditional SUV." When the power is granted to the function. All Legacy of the 2009 cuvee feature renames the system symmetrical AWD Subaru took constant, which brings together a cylinder SUBARU BOXER leger opposing a flat, a long-travel suspension and integral transmission. It is a complete system that provides optimal traction and maneuverability performance regardless of the road surface.            

Legacy 2.5i PZEV 2009 and 2009 Touring Package are powered by a modified version of the SUBARU BOXER 2.5-liter 4-cylinder horizontally opposed, a 16-valve SOHC Subaru, producing 170 horsepower at 6 000 r / min and 170 lb-ft of torque at 4 400 rev / min. This engine uses regular unleaded gasoline. All atmospheric Subaru 2.5-liter engines are equipped with technology levee active valve i-AVL (intelligent system of variable valve timing) Subaru has used to optimize the volumetric efficiency of the engine has all the beaches diet . This engine can be coupled to the automatic transmission control electronics has SPORTSHIFT 4 or the 5-speed manual gearbox. PZEV designation applies to vehicles that meet the rigorous standards of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) governing the emission of vehicles.

Subaru PZEV for the Canadian market meet the SULEV standards (Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) and produce almost no emission of evaporation of fuel. In addition, Subaru PZEV emission cars produce 90% cleaner than the average new vehicle. Even in some cases, the vehicles petrol meeting the PZEV emission standards are cleaner than hybrid cars or alternative fuel. The atmospheric 2.5-liter engine, the couple has a 5-speed manual gearbox, fuel economy realized a class-leading, is right only 10.6 L/100 km for city driving and 7.6 L / 100 km on the road. With the automatic transmission has 4 gears the Legacy realized a fuel economy of only 10.5 L/100 km city and 7.6 L/100 km on the highway.            

The Legacy 2.5GT spec.B passed the upper echelon of performance - while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency - thanks to powerful turbocharged 2.5-liter DOHC air cooler that produces 243 horsepower at 6 000 r / min and 241 lb-ft of torque is 3600 rev / min. The six-speed manual transmission, exclusive to the 2.5GT spec.B 2009 retains its rugged design to promote changes in speed and ease getting close. As a security measure, the six-speed transmission is equipped with a locking device running back, that is to say that the driver must raise a ring under the shift knob before selecting walking back . All turbocharged 2.5-liter Subaru are equipped with technology VVT AVCS (active system control valves) Subaru, which is used to optimize the volumetric efficiency of the engine has all the beaches diet. The AVCS regulates the timing of the intake valves in order to obtain the best overlap of the intake valves and exhaust, whatever the conditions of the engine. The Legacy 3.0R models are equipped for their part of the 3.0-liter engine has DOHC 6-cylinder horizontally opposed deployant 245 horsepower at 6 600 r / min and 215 lb-ft of torque at 4 200 r / min. The Subaru 3.0R engine used both the AVCS and AVL technologies (intelligent system of variable valve timing). Combined, these technologies are one of the systems of control valves among the most sophisticated on the market. The AVCS technologies and AVL Subaru modulate both the opening tree (adjustment of the intake valves) that the strength of levee suffered valves sequence. These systems work simultaneously to enhance the power has all the beaches diet engine while ensuring optimal efficiency and minimal emission.

The advantage of the system SI-DRIVE

The system evolved management SI-DRIVE engine Subaru (Subaru Intelligent Drive), which the team 2.5GT spec.B and 3.0R models, allows the driver to customize the driving characteristics of the car, choosing from three adjustable modes - Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp. In doing so, the driver optimizes performance, control, the effectiveness and the response of the throttle motor (same as the performance of the transmission when changing speed automatic transmission models). When the Intelligent mode is selected, the system reduces engine torque and peak power and adopts a response curve of more temperate engine. By regulating the angle of the throttle and the response from the system control electronics gas, SI-DRIVE restricts the maximum output power of about 20% and the maximum torque is 228 lb-ft.            

Intelligent mode is the ideal choice for smooth response when traffic at peak hours, for example. Under such conditions, the actual fuel economy may increase by nearly 10%. The more temperate response and maximum torque of lower Intelligent mode is an ideal complement to the safety features of the symmetrical AWD Subaru took constant when the adhesion of the floor is anomalous. In Sport mode, performance is enhanced by instant throttle reaction and strong linear accelerations. The linear acceleration characteristic of this versatile mode makes the perfect way to travel on the highway and urban boulevards, or to perform confidently maneuvers commitment or Overtake on the highway. In Sport Sharp mode, SI-DRIVE modifies the diagram of the electronic throttle gas to produce instant response and more power, faster. For models equipped with the automatic transmission, the Sport Sharp mode also uses a scheme crossing dynamic speed, delaying the upshift to produce more power. As its name suggests, the Sport Sharp Mode increases the performance feel of the vehicle and is said to ride on winding roads.            

The Legacy 2.5GT spec.B is also equipped with a self-locking Torsen differential (R) reacts quickly to the couple to increase the adhesion in high speed cornering. Legacy 3.0R models on a rear locking differential has viscous coupling is employed to increase stability, mastery and confidence at the wheel. To further enhance the performance of integral traction, Legacy 2.5i Touring Package, 2.5GT and 3.0R spec.B 2009 will also have the control system of the vehicle dynamics (VDC) which module simultaneously and if necessary, the distribution of torque between the front and rear, the power output of the engine and the brake pressure at each wheel for increased stability of the vehicle.

Automatic transmissions SPORTSHIFT

PZEV Legacy 2.5i and Touring Package are available with an automatic transmission electronic direct control 4 SPORTSHIFT. The Legacy 3.0R is as it has comes standard with an automatic transmission has direct control electronics has 5 SPORTSHIFT with pulse controller. SPORTSHIFT the control to manually shift gears regardless of the user selects SI-DRIVE, but it modifies the scheme reports based on the selected mode, Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp. On models with Legacy 3.0 SPORTSHIFT technology can be controlled using either a lever located on the console or with shift paddles on the uphills speed steering column. These pallets offer the driver a quick and temporary access to manual mode, even when the shift lever is in Drive position. Transmission returns to automatic mode after a short period. The 5-speed automatic transmission Subaru uses a lateral acceleration sensor and the logic cornering and remember to select the appropriate report in turn. The transmission helps maintain traction when downshifting more active when the vehicle accelerates to the exit of a corner. In the upslope, the 5-speed automatic transmission helps to maintain traction by downshifting actively. And more mastery downhill, the transmission effectively keeps the engine braking by holding the most adequate report.

Conceived for comfort and convenience

Legacy retains its generous equipment book series: divided back seat and folding; cruise control; windows, exterior mirrors and door locks has assisted control; Adjustable brightness of the dashboard; dual-mode trip odometer; spacious interior; tilt telescopic steering wheel; and audio channel AM / FM CD player with MP3/WMA formats and auxiliary audio input. Each Legacy is now equipped with SIRIUS satellite radio, and offers a three-month trial subscription. For even more convenience, the 2009 Legacy is equipped with an integrated access controller without key with the key blade. The device has four buttons - lock, unlock, trunk and panic - and the "lock" button, which is used most often, is larger and square at the center of the joystick. In addition to its already very numerous facilities, the PZEV 2009 provided new heated seats front, body-color door handles, a power-adjustable driver's seat and exterior mirrors Heated with integrated LED turn signal lights. The wagon offers more retractable cargo cover in the cargo area. The model 2.5i Touring Package, already well equipped, offers a new and more adjustable driver's seat has electric and a steering wheel and gear lever and handbrake leather sheaths.            

The 2.5GT spec.B welcomes its occupants with a new black leather upholstery. The shift paddles have been designed so that they always remain in the same position, regardless of the angle of the steering wheel, which facilitates their manipulation without ever obstacle to management. These pallets are manufactured of rigid aluminum and coated with a non-slip cladding. It was also moves the icons on lever wipers for pallets shift does not hinder their visibility. The 2.5GT spec.B also offers audio controls on the left ARRANGED radius of the wheel, while the selector of the SI-DRIVE system and controls the display of multiple data were integrated in the steering wheel, to allow the driver to operate without hands off the wheel. The Legacy 2.5GT spec.B exudes modernity with its stunning titanium finish trim, electroluminescent instruments its sports, its adjustable sport seats before witnessing its automatic temperature control of the two zones, electric glass sunroof, rear mirrors its and a retractable electric adjustment with integrated LED turn signal lights, its a multiple specular beam profiles Halogen, even of its headlights Halogen projector beam has a sprinkler. In addition to the multiple features mentioned, the models 2.5i Touring, 2.5GT and 3.0R spec.B 2009 is equipped with an audio chain has nine luxury Harman Kardon speakers. Template specially for Subaru, the new system offers the ultimate in matters of pleasure of listening: a crisp, and rich.            

For the sake of optimizing the system according to the dimensions of the interior of each vehicle, the Harman Kardon engineers have improved the bass response and reduces distortion by using neodymium magnets and other revolutionary materials. Chain of 385 watts (440 watts on family) has 7 channel uses digital signal processing (DSP) to continuously assess over 100 unique audio parameters to capture every nuance of the recording and reproducing faithfully for quality sound impeccable. The Legacy 2.5GT spec.B and 3.0R Premier Package 2009 are more equipped with a navigation system based on GPS DVD and a touch screen display, a premium audio chain with six CD charger and a back seat divided 60/40 fold-flat and a lockable hatch with access to the cargo area. The 2.5GT spec.B offers more a memory of two positions of the driver's seat, sports pedals of aluminum alloy and 18-inch wheels shod with Bridgestone Potenza summer performance.

Optimum safety for a leader in the matter

In addition to the active safety system of symmetrical AWD Subaru took constant, all Subaru vehicles are built to deliver the highest level of passive safety. Legacy has also been honored by the words "Security Best Choice" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the category of intermediate cars, thanks to its reinforced frame structure shaped solid though slight arch. In addition, Legacy has received a five-star safety rating for the driver and front passenger and rear passengers in the context of crash tests of new vehicles Evaluation Program of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA ). Devices occupant protection Legacy include protection at the knees driver rating, which helps reduce the risk of injury in a frontal collision. The anchoring of the seat belt strap was changed to a fabric strap has a metal rod that causes the lap belt holds firmly against the pelvis of the driver in a collision, thus reducing the risk of stomach injuries. In addition, the tether is oscillating which makes the belt easier to fasten and detach, and more comfortable to wear.            

All models are equipped Legacy 2009 series of frontal airbags "intelligent" variable-volume detection system with occupancy rating passenger, side airbags for front seats, side curtain airbags, and active head restraints to front seats, height adjustable. The front seatbelts have three anchors with pretensioners and force limiters are also height adjustable, and all passenger belts type ALR / ELR. At the rear, three LATCH anchors for child seats and door locks to the test children contribute to create a safe environment for young occupants. The suggested retail price (MSRP) of the Legacy PZEV sedan manual transmission is $ 26,995. The Legacy 2.5i Touring Package has manual transmission retails for $ 29,495, an increase of only $ 300 compared to last year, and this, despite all equipment adds that figure has more than $ 1,100. The price of the new Legacy 3.0R Limited sedan starts for its part has $ 36,995, while the luxurious version 3.0R Premier Package retails for $ 38,995. At the top of the range, there is the 2.5GT spec.B which retails at $ 41,995.

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