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The new Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG arrives in May


The new Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG arrives in May picture #1

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, concentrated power and fun!

New model available from $ 63,500

The new C63 AMG 2008 Mercedes-AMG will arrive in dealerships across Canada in May. The C63 AMG debuted in 2008 with the 6.2-liter V8 engine that produces 451 sign AMG hp and a torque of 443 lb-ft. With a top speed electronically limited to 250 km / h, it goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds. Launched on the C63 AMG, the automatic transmission 7-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS includes a new feature double disengaging when downshifting to preserve the balance of the vehicle during cornering and allows passages to the upper speed 50% Quick. The exterior design of the C63 AMG differs substantially from that of other C-Class models, notably with a single cover (a bosses), wider front fenders and a unique front, as well as many other components that are not found on any other model of Class C.

"63 for 63"

The C63 AMG is the ultimate expression of the AMG philosophy. It sets standards in matters of engine performance and is also distinguished by exceptional handling. The C63 AMG contribute to the continued success of the new range of Class C has all the attributes needed to dominate in terms of performance, handling, luxury, value and price. Available from Mercedes-Benz dealers nationwide from the beginning of May, the new C63 AMG will be sold from $ 63,500.

V8 AMG C-Class

One of the most powerful V8 naturally aspirated series has ever been designed, the 6.2-liter engine includes a host of features derived extraordinary effort and great success of the AMG racing circuits. Built almost completely from a silicon alloy and high strength aluminum, this engine has four valves per cylinder, variable valve timing, to push a cup (rather than rocker arms) and a variable intake manifold. Designed exclusively by AMG, it is made of any part identical to those of other Mercedes-Benz V8. Great for a first series engine, the cylinder bore is characterized by a coating sprayed to the arc (twin-wire-arc-sprayed or TWAS) using a paired wire form new process that results by impressively low friction and running surfaces twice as resistant as conventional cast-iron cylinders. Due to its large cylinder, the engine is able to develop a couple who exceed more than 30% higher than comparable engines.

The fuel has electronic control also adds to the outstanding performance of this engine. Moreover, it produces a sound that has a truly unique resonance. For maximum reliability, the C63 AMG has a water cooling circuit particularly effective and big oil for the engine and transmission coolers. Situated behind the large apertures of the AMG front apron, these coolers ensure the non-critical operating temperatures at all times, even in extreme driving conditions. Each new AMG engine is hand assembled by a seasoned technician Affalterbach Mercedes-AMG factory in Germany and password bench tests aimed at optimal performance. Mercedes-AMG follows the philosophy of "one man, one engine". This means that a single technician - identified by the signed plaque engine - is responsible for the entire engine assembly AMG high-performance, from beginning to end. The technician assembles any component itself with the greatest care, and the crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons to the intake system. The expertise and skills of each always have at Mercedes-AMG.

Transmission has seven high performance reports

This high-performance eight-cylinder is coupled to the ideal partner: automatic transmission 7-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS. Equipped with paddle shifters on the steering wheel montees speed AMG and offering a choice between three driving modes, the automatic transmission has seven gears allows a decidedly sporty driving style or comfort rather axis, according to the preference of the driver. The different modes - "S" (Sport), "C" (Comfort) and "M" (Manual) differ depending on the logic and the rapidity of shifting. In "S" mode, gear changes are performed about 30% faster than in "C" mode, and not less than 50% faster in "M" mode. The new C63 AMG is the first AMG model to feature a dual function of disengaging when downshifting, which preserve the balance of the vehicle when cornering. This translates into a more dynamic road holding and increased safety thanks to faster downshifts and reduced braking torque on the drive axle.

Redesigned front axle with a winning track 35 mm wide

The C63 AMG owes its outstanding handling to the AMG sports suspension characterized by a new design has three arms of the front axle. The configuration of the springs and dampers gas ensures optimal road contact and low body movements in tight cornering at high speed. The new channel has a front axle which is 35 mm wider in width, which is reflected by the passage of wheels more flared. This results in smaller variations of load on the wheels during cornering. Several features contribute to a stability and a much superior precision in all driving situations: the redesigned wheel location at the front axle is 100% more rigid, which significantly improves the precision of the direction. It also presents an advantage when braking insofar as the new wheel location ensures an immediate response even under conditions of high dynamic stress. Combine a brand new elastokinematics configuration, the new wheel location greatly improves the lateral dynamics and allows the driver of the C63 AMG to negotiate bends has a much higher speed. A larger torsion bar stabilizer, new bearings and dampers dotes sprung buffers rebound even enhance the stability and precision.

The replies from management are also improved by the new kinematics. The AMG sports steering has speed sensitive is characterized by a ratio of 13.5 to 1, but feels more direct as a result of displacement to the front axle of what is called the "instantaneous center of motion." The independent rear multi-link suspension has also been fully reviewed and amended; his way to win 13 mm in width and camber has also been increased. This results in better performance in cornering. Trees and joints reinforced transmission increase resistance to fatigue and add the final improvements to the rear suspension of the C63 AMG button. The new AMG sport suspension has to offer both exceptional handling and comfort expected of a Mercedes on long journeys, which also means that the C63 AMG possesses the typical qualities of a genuine AMG.

AMG 18-inch light alloy

The C63 AMG is equipped with new wheels AMG 18-inch light alloy design has a 5 arm. Painted in titanium gray, these high-sheen wheels that measure 8 x 18 and 8.5 x 18 are shod with wide sole which has the following dimensions: 235/40 R 18 at the front and 255/35 R 18 at the back.

System AMG high-performance brake sign

The C63 AMG is distinguished by a remarkable power of grace braking disc brakes internally ventilated and perforated. To be able to manage the power and speed of this vehicle, the front brakes are equipped with disks 360 mm six-piston calipers, while the rear brakes are equipped with disks 330 mm fixed calipers with four pistons.

ESP has three stages with sports function

The new C63 AMG is the first AMG model to feature the new Electronic Stability Program (ESP) has three stadiums and sports function. The ESP button located on the center console allows the driver to choose between three ESP modes: "ESP ON", "ESP SPORT" AND "ESP OFF". In "ESP ON" mode, just briefly press the ESP button to turn the mode "ESP SPORT". Under high performance driving on a circuit deprives mode "ESP SPORT" greatly increases driving pleasure, a total control (traction control and the control of handling) still being available by any kind of situation . In Sport mode, the control system of handling allows an angle of drift before intervening. As soon as the driver brakes, ESP regains its normal function. A sustained ESP activates "ESP OFF" mode key pressure. There is then no intervention system to control the handling, or any reduction in engine torque, which adds further to the driving pleasure. The "ESP OFF" mode should only be used by experienced drivers in conditions of Controlled conduct. In this mode too, pressing the brake pedal restores all the normal functions of ESP.

AMG Performance unbridled

Available within the range of vehicles from 2009 model year, the C63 AMG can reach a top speed electronically limited to 280 km / h or 174 mi / h (250 km / h or 155 mi / h with standard equipment) when equipped with the AMG Performance Package P30. The latter includes a steering wheel trimmed with alcantara, composite brakes and a locking rear differential.

Style exclusive AMG has the inside as on the outside

The C63 AMG is distinguished from previous models AMG C-Class by a unique hood has two bosses, wider front wings and front singular design, as well as other body components that are not found on any other model of class C. The rear of the C63 AMG is equipped with a LED light series, a broadcaster has black trim and an AMG sports exhaust system with two twin chrome tips. The AMG spoiler mounted on top of the trunk reduces the effect of lift and ensures greater stability at high speeds. This resolutely sporty theme is found in the interior of the C63 AMG, which is equipped with special AMG sports seats have integrated head restraint for the very first time. In addition to be distinguished by a new design piping and AMG lettering Crusaders, these seats feature an adaptive file has adjustments for the side bolsters and lumbar support. A perfect control of the handling is ensured by the new AMG performance steering wheel has a flat base design and three arms, 360 mm in diameter. The side sections of the steering wheel are sheathed in perforated leather, and two paddle shifters speed AMG silvery are integrated.

If the characteristic AMG instrument cluster dials includes unreleased style (a red needles), a specific AMG lettering, logo "6.3 V8" on the tachometer and a new design for night driving. The AMG main menu in the central display screen allows multiple settings, with modes "Warm Up", "Set Up" and "RACE" is active using the buttons on the steering wheel. "Warm Up" displays the engine oil temperature and the coolant, and "Set Up" indicates the current ESP and transmission mode ("S" mode, "C" or "M" ). As for the "RACE" mode, it allows you to time the laps on the circuit thanks RACETIMER.

Development and design

In 2004, the new C63 AMG was first constructed as a digital model so that we can examine its potential and address its development. In spring 2005, the first models in scale 1/4 were produced on the basis of drawings and computer graphics, and the first test and development vehicles were built on the basis of the C55 AMG. This allowed us to test major assemblies such as the drive train, brakes and axles. The latest measurement technology on board provided valuable data such as engine oil temperature, as well as coolant and brake discs. However, other aspects studied were the lap time (eg in the northern loop of the Nurburgring), not to mention much precise and measurable to compare the results obtained with different axle configurations maneuvers. In addition to these tests, shoots the aerodynamics of the body of the C63 AMG tests were performed.

Following the approval of the concept in the fall of 2005, the first size of the C63 AMG full prototypes were built. At the same time, high performance sedan was produced as a digital prototype. Computer simulations have enabled prototypes Development "real" to exhibit a very high level of maturity in the first production. These simulations were brought into play the most important vehicle functions, such as handling systems, engine and transmission, durability of the body shell, the suspension performance, passive safety, the thermal characteristics of Engine and performance / consumption. These experiments were supported by a range of crash simulations and real crash tests to provide the data necessary certifications specific to different countries, without which the registration of the vehicle would be impossible. The final stage consisted of the final approval of the car, giving the green light for the launch of the C63 AMG.

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